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2014 Product of the Year Entrant


MSRP: $5,360.00

Welcome to the world of FIRE-FX, where your favorite media is always ready and available for viewing on demand. No longer will you have to deal with sluggish interfaces or poor streaming performance and buffering when watching your favorite shows or movies during peak hours! The FIRE-FX Media System is a “local streaming” system that stores media locally in a protected storage device to be streamed to one or more media players throughout the home. Our media system is composed of two elements, the FFXPLAY Media Server and the FFXHUB Media Centralized Storage Solution. One FFXHUB can support up to seven FFXPLAY Media Servers simultaneously. Our HUB and PLAY solution is very cost effective when expanding to additional rooms and our FIRE-LINK technology makes setup a snap. With FIRE-LINK, PLAY and HUB devices automatically seek each other out and link on the network, no TCP-IP networking knowledge required. FFXPLAY Media Server: The FFXPLAY is a lightning-fast, firmware-based media server that literally runs circles around the competition when it comes to performance. Instead of placing our media server on a bloated operating system like Windows or Ubuntu on a hard drive, we have created our own firmware, stripping out anything not associated with playing media and loading it into RAM for the fastest performance possible. The result is a solid state media player that is as stable as it is fast and literally fits in the palm of your hand. FFXHUB Media Storage: Our centralized storage solution, the FFXHUB, is a rock-solid RAID-5 protected array of high performance NAS rated hard drives available in 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB standard storage formats with custom formats available up to 20TB. If one hard drive fails, the system continues to function and the media is fully protected until a replacement drive is installed.

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Several features separate us from the competitors in our field. Prime among these are speed and stability, the multitude of media sources available, RAID-5 protection, automated setup, and last but not least, the FFXPLAY’s Cinema-FX feature! Speed and Stability: The FFXPLAY is a lightweight, fast booting, high-speed platform made for just one thing; playing movies and TV shows. The responsiveness of our menus and media controls is amazingly fast and reliable. Media Sources: The FFXHUB can store media from a variety of sources including ripped DVD/Blue Rays, Apple iTunes libraries, or an integrated third party pay for web service that automatically seeks and downloads your “wanted”  titles. Protection: Losing a media drive is not a normal event; it may never happen, or may only happen every once in a long while. But it probably WILL happen to most people eventually. Our RAID 5 system insures users against a drive failure, protecting their media. Automated Setup: The FIRE-FX Media System provides an instant setup solution with built in logic to instantly seek and connect to other FIRE-FX devices on the same network. No TCP-IP networking knowledge is required to set the system up. Cinema-FX: Utilizing the cloud, this feature can deliver a unique movie watching experience each and every time it is used. To enable this feature, the user simply selects “Cinema-FX” in the MOVIES submenu. Once one or more movies are queued, the system launches a custom theater intro video followed by one or more random movie trailers of yet to be released movies that are genre and rating specific to the feature selected. After the trailers, a random retro bumper video is played, followed by a corporate video, feature rating video, sound format video, and then the feature presentation. This delivers the multiplex feeling to the user’s home theater.


While the FIRE-FX Media System is wickedly fast, it is equally powerful in its full set of features and flexibility afforded to the installer and end user. The benefits of the FIRE-FX Media System include:
1. Beautiful interface with customizable media display formats.
2. Automated metadata retrieval and archiving for media libraries.
3. Simple web control interface easily accessible by PC or tablet.
4. Weather forecast feature.
5. Database driven search capability, search shows by title, actor, director, studio, year, genre, etc.
6. Download subtitles “on the fly” while playing media.
7. Supports 36 languages.
8. Automated third party media download service. Add movies to your wanted list and it searches daily and downloads it to your FFXHUB automatically. Subscribe to TV shows and new episodes are automatically downloaded shortly after the air date with commercials redacted.
9. Easily imports iTunes library media for local play on demand.
10. Universal container and codec support: With support for nearly every media codec and file container, you never have to worry about having to have the right format for your media.
11. Support for Blu-ray and DVD backup delivering all the features of Blu-ray without all the hassles of physical media.

Company Info


The FIRE-FX Core Team and Channel Partners are a dedicated group of developers, designers, administrators, managers, installers and support team members who have worked together to take FFX-PLAY and FIRE-FX HUB to new heights in its relatively short life. FIRE-FX has some wonderfully talented people taking proven computing concepts to the forefront of the consumer electronics industry standards.

FFX-HUB and FFX-PLAY 2.0 are a major leap forward and represent the most exciting FIRE-FX release in the history of the project. Now you can deliver state of the art performance and reliability to your customers without wasting valuable hours learning the complexities of network or system configuration and setup. Simply plug the FFX-HUB into the network and power it up, then plug in one or more FFX-PLAYs and they will automatically find and mount the FFX-HUB on the same network.


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813 Bent Wood Pl.
Round Rock, Texas
United States of America
Tel: 650-218-0564
Fax: 512-248-2247

FIRE-FX Products

FFXPLAY Media System

FIRE-FX proudly introduces its new D Series FFX-PLAY and FFX-HUB, a revolution in home theater media servers. The advent of the digital media server has been ushered in by the combination of high speed Internet, low cost computing power, and the high price of entertainment venues. The FFXPLAY and FFXHUB leverage these factors, delivering a high end experience at an affordable price point. Wow your audience with a lightning fast media home theater experience and seamless navigation using a liquid smooth user interface. The FFX-PLAY and FFX-HUB accelerate your digital life using the latest hardware and software to provide a true in home Cineplex experience. A single FFX-HUB can support multiple FFX-PLAYs simultaneously. Once the FFX-HUB is installed, simply add FFX-PLAYs and they will automatically find and mount the FFX-HUB over the network connection. No manual network configuration is required, saving your installation team valuable time and money.

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