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2014 Product of the Year Winner

Epic Sky Technology Epic Sky Star Panel System

MSRP: $3,388.00

The EPIC SKY STAR PANEL is a state of the art module star system that creates a nighttime starry effect. The system includes a proprietary LED light source that can generate special effects such as, summer nights, ocean surf and, tropical rain. Moreover, It also includes ambient mood cove lighting, rain, shooting star, and meteor showers . The EPIC SKY STAR SYSTEM PANEL module can also trigger sound effects that synchronizes with the pre-programmed thunder, lightning and rain effects via the epic melody unit. Furthermore, the complete system comes with a moon module that executes realistic moon phases. The EPIC SKY STAR PANEL system can either perform in standalone mode, or with a RS232 protocol which can be controlled by a third party control system or by the epic’s, proprietary wall control, touch pad to produce effects on demand (in real-time).

Download product spec sheet.


  • The only UL approved lighting system and not as separate individual components.

  • The Star Panel system uses 3 different size stars for a more realistic star effect.

  • The Epic star panel is a module system that can be up-gradable for additional special effects.

  • It is a unique product that is available in the marketplace today with multi-functionality.

  • It is user friendly and can be fully controllable with any third party automation system.


  • Uses solid state lighting technology which is energy efficient and has the longevity of performing for over 30 years. The system also draws 1/4 of the of the power from older star technologies.

  • Durable and light (weighs very little)

  • Easy Plug and play system

  • Duo benefits — be used as a star system and acoustical sound barrier.

  • Custom fabric colors available

  • No bulb to change

  • Controlled via tablets (android / mac)

  • Transforms a home theater into a one of a kind show stopper.

Epic Sky Technology Products

Epic Sky Star Panel System

The Epic SKY Star system is a module system that creates realistic starry nighttime effect and that can be integrated with sound and contains pre-programmed special effects. It will transform a home theater into a one of a kind show stopper.


With the Epic Symphony, effortlessly integrate your audio control system with your LED lighting system.

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