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2013 Product of the Year Winner

Metra Home Theater Group EHD High Speed Digital Cables

MSRP: $114.00 - $174.00

By way of incorporating new state of the art silicon and radically new design techniques, Ethereal’s new EHD High Speed Digital Cable products provide a huge video operating window many firms would absolutely crave.  In addition, these new products have specially-built data accelerators that keep both EDID and HDCP operating at remarkable performance levels unlike conventional cable products currently available.  Ethereal’s new EHD cable products are powered from within the interface eliminating any external power devices that products with these types of dynamics usually would require.

In addition to the patent pending technology in the headshell, we have added an LED to indicate that the cable is plugged in properly and functioning.  We have also incorporated a solution for organizing cables when placing them into a rack.  Every cable includes 6 color indicator nodules that are interchangeable to provide the easiest installation possible.

The outside diameter of these cables has now been reduced to less than 3mm with 1, 2, and 3 meter cables and 3.2mm on 4, 5, and 6 meter cables reducing their weight from pounds to ounces.  The flexibility this cable enables is a highly desired feature that allows for a whole new level of installation possibilities.  Ethereal plans on introducing longer 8 and 12 meter lengths using the same type of engineering principles as with the smaller lengths in the near future.

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Since the dawn of HDMI, high speed digital applications have presented custom integrators with numerous challenges. Ethereal's foundation is built on the demand for knowledge and the ever present need for solutions. Our belief has always been to listen to our client's needs and to develop practical solutions making their job easier. After extensive engineering and research, we have cultivated a product line with technology unlike anything seen today on the market. EHD products rise to meet the needs of integrators for complex installations. Not only can we offer a performance signature® and reliability unlike any other product available, but through radical engineering we have a new design that will set the industry standard at an all new high. With cables starting at the size of iPhone charging cords we can now offer extreme flexibility without the fear of signal loss or drop out.


There are many benefits to the exclusive EHD line. Through color coded organization, LED indicators for proper use, and extreme flexibility, installers now have a product available to them that makes their job easier. However, the most attractive feature of EHD is the ability to give the custom integrator confidence that our products are guaranteed to perform at the highest quality possible. With the help of DPL laboratories we will be able to offer training and education at DPL's advanced facilities to educate EHD dealers on HDMI and the technicalities of how it functions. This training will also include hands-on trouble shooting applications using existing products that integrators use every day in the field. Ethereal's goal is to take the fear out of the four letter word!

Company Info

More and more consumer electronics products continue to emerge into the full HDMI™ digital environment. With these new HDMI™ products usability and reliability will be a challenge.

The popular belief that “digital is simply 1’s and 0’s and HDMI™ does not care about cable quality” is just not true!

The HDMI™ cable is the most sophisticated audio/video interface in the history of home electronics. And while some believe there to be litte need for higher quality cabling, testing has shown that quality counts. The internal geometry of an HDMI™ cable will determine how well and consistent the data between devices will travel. Proper two-­‐way communication is critical between HDMI™ sources and without it, problems can occur.

Since the inception of HDMI™, Ethereal has been leading the march for higher quality cables and problem solving solutions to help ensure more reliable connectivity via the HDMI™ platform.

Here at Ethereal we don’t “stretch the truth” or make claims that just aren’t true. Ethereal works directly with industry leaders and designers to design affordable, high quality and reliable home theater products. So when you need real answers to real problems look to Ethereal HDMI™ solutions to help get your picture back on the screen.

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Metra Home Theater Group Products

EHD High Speed Digital Cables

Solving your HDMI system problems. Ethereal’s E/HD cables repair all of the major HDMI issues including: Video and Audio dropouts, Re-clocking and EDID failures. E/HD Cable’s Guarantied Performance and Delivery.

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