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2013 Product of the Year Winner

Sanus EcoSystem™

MSRP: $199.99

The SANUS EcoSystem is a fully customizable accessory that serves as a single power source for all low-voltage equipment in a rack. The EcoSystem includes two parts. The first is the CAPT01 MultiVolt Power Supply, which eliminates the need for individual transformers or “wall warts” that take up unnecessary space. The power supply uses efficient AC to DC converts to regulate the output voltage and keep power wasted to a minimum. It has over current and over temperature protection and increased power density for low-voltage applications.

The second part to the EcoSystem is a thermostat kit that monitors temperature inside the rack. If the installer decides to integrate fans (available in three options and sold separately), the thermostat would automatically activate the fans as needed to cool the rack to a maximum of 75 degrees.

The end result of using the SANUS EcoSystem is a clean and organized rack that saves space, consolidates wiring and maintains internal rack temperature. Should the installer want to further customize the EcoSystem, additional accessories are sold separately.

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The EcoSystem is a very unique product. SANUS is the first company to offer an AV rack accessory of this caliber as its own suite of products. To get something similar, an integrator would have to buy individual parts from several different manufacturers and spend the time integrating them. With the EcoSystem, the solution is simple - get the EcoSystem and set it up as is, or customize it with any number of accessories, which are all available from SANUS. It's a one-stop shop.

To create the EcoSystem, start with the CAPT01 multi-volt power supply. This 1U piece installs directly into the rack. It features switchable outlets, 5-volt USB ports and 12 outlets with 12-volt and 5-volt options.

The included thermostat kit actively monitors rack temperature. Should the rack reach 85 degrees, the thermostat will automatically activate fans, cooling it to a maximum of 75 degrees. The thermostat features a magnet for easy placement on any metal surface.

Add accessories (sold separately) to customize the EcoSystem for any installation requirement. Accessories include: 1U temperature gauge; three low-voltage fan options; LED task and work lights; 3, 6 or 9-foot power cords.


The SANUS EcoSystem provides a cleaner rack installation that frees up valuable space by consolidating low-voltage power into a single device. No more messy transformers, no more unorganized, ugly cables - the EcoSystem solves it all. The EcoSystem also actively monitors temperature inside the rack, and when combined with an option fan, cools components to the idea temperature to avoid overheating.

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Sanus Systems manufactures a broad variety of sleek, quality TV wall mounts, AV interior furnishings, speaker stands and accessories. Our high-test, acoustically superior creations are designed for style and engineered to perform. Follow Sanus Systems on Twitter or Facebook.

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The SANUS EcoSystem® is a fully customizable AV rack accessory that serves as the single power source for all low-voltage equipment. Included is a MultiVolt Power Supply and thermostat kit.

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