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2013 Product of the Year Winner

URC DMS-AV Network Home Theater Amplifier/Processor

MSRP: $1,499.00

The DMS-AV is the very first high-end home theater processor to be completely and tightly integrated with a whole-house control system, in this case, URC Total Control. Typically, installers must engage in a costly science project to bring a home theater system into an integrated whole-house system. And, in most cases, this is noticeable to the homeowner in everyday use. The DMS-AV, conversely, is built from the ground up to fully integrate with Total Control, all while delivering the performance and functionality of a traditional elite AV receiver and processor. That makes the DMS-AV a perfect one-stop shop for consumers who are purchasing whole-house control systems. It has every connection you'd expect from a home theater receiver, is easy to retrofit, and connects to Total Control, which offers price points to suit a wider-than-ever base of today's homeowners.

The DMS-AV also seamlessly integrates home theater and house-wide music distribution. The physical location of the home theater processor is no longer an issue; with Total Control, your installer connects it to the same home network as all other Total Control devices. And because it's a Total Control device, the DMS-AV can connect to the MRX-10 System Controller - the "brains" of the Total Control system - and can be controlled by RF/IR remotes, keypads, touchscreens, or via your own iPad or iPhone.

From an audio standpoint, the DMS-AV is also a standout. Sound quality is top-notch, as it was designed by a former longtime lead B&K engineer. It handles up to 32 streaming audio sources with other DMS Amplifiers, and two analog or legacy sources can be connected as well. The DMS-AV gives as well as it receives; any source connected to the DMS-AV can be streamed to other locations throughout the house. And it's all done with a simple Ethernet connection.

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The DMS-AV is truly a first-of-its-kind and makes high-performance home theater and whole-house control come together in ways never done before. It is not only a high-performance A/V processor with exceptional features, but for the first time, a home theater processor is tightly integrated with the Total Control system in a way that homeowners can have lasting enjoyment without fear of upgrades as their family or home needs grow. This makes your Total Control installation much simpler, with less installer labor required. With the DMS-AV, the home theater no longer needs to be separate from a home control system.


The DMS-AV makes the integration of whole-home control and home theater much easier than ever before. It fully leverages the power of the home network, with the ability to stream audio from any source on the network, as well as stream audio to any location in the house. This integration traditionally was difficult to retrofit, required your installer to cut holes in drywall and run wire to various locations in the home, and then awkwardly do his or her best to integrate a standalone home theater receiver with a sophisticated whole-home control system. With the DMS-AV, all of that integration work is already done when you buy the product. Your installer simply connects it to the home network, and it automatically connects to your custom-programmed Total Control system. No wires to pull, no holes to cut, and no endless and costly programming required of your installer. And it does it all while providing superior sound quality, and the ability to stream audio to and from the device.

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URC Products

DMS-AV Network Home Theater Amplifier/Processor

The DMS-AV not only delivers crystal-clear audio to your home theater or entertainment room, but is the first such product to fully integrate with a whole-home control system.


This remote is a standout in esthetics, functionality, convenience and comfort. Part of URC’s Total Control® line, the TRC-1080 packs all the power and two-way remote feedback for one-room entertainment control up to whole-house, integrated control of A/V, lighting, security, and more.

THZ-100 Advanced Thermostat

The THZ-100 is the latest addition to the URC Total Control family of whole-house control products offering the ultimate in comfort, convenience and luxury for climate control. The THZ-100’s brilliant, backlit two-inch color LCD is easy to read and looks wonderful on any wall at home or at the office. Background graphics and colors on its full-information LCD display automatically change to indicate visually whether the system is heating or cooling during transitions. Plus, users have the ability to control climate from anywhere within a home or business environment. While the THZ-100 offers five thermostat buttons, users can also enjoy two-way control of the thermostat via URC Total Control remotes, keypads, touchscreens, and third-party controllers like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Among its dozens of advanced features, the THZ-100 offers Intelligent Comfort Recovery. When users set schedules, Intelligent Comfort Recovery monitors the current environment and then slowly heats or cools accordingly, with dollar-saving efficiency, until it reaches the preset. Additional features include password protection for homes or businesses where access must be limited, and optional wired remote sensors to increase efficiency and accuracy of programmed temperature adjustments. The automation possibilities are endless too; for example, our dealers can have the drapes automatically close when the air conditioner kicks in, to help cool the building more quickly and save energy. It does everything but control the weather.

TRF-ZW1 Total Control Z-Wave® Extender

Small on size but huge on connectivity capabilities, URC’s TRF-ZW1 Z-Wave® extender is the ideal gateway to control countless Z-Wave-enabled products. As a seamless part of URC’s Total Control® whole house automation line, it opens up Total Control to the appealing world of integration with countless Z-Wave® enabled products.

MX-890 Remote Control with Color LCD

This powerful, color LCD, remote will change everything for you. Employing the latest in remote technology and design, the MX-890 is equipped for any application. Control all AV products — lighting, too. It’s strong enough to control a robust theater, and versatile enough to allow selection of other rooms.

Total Control Whole-House System

Total Control by URC offers home owners unprecedented ease and efficiency for control of all their electronics, lighting, temperature, and more. Technologically, it features the latest in innovation and simplicity. Fully scalable, users can begin with a modest system and continue to add features easily as their needs expand.


The TRC-1080 is the newest wand-style, programmable, color LCD remote addition to URC’s Total Control® family of interfaces. It packs all the power and two-way remote feedback for one-room entertainment control up to whole-house, integrated control of A/V, lighting, security and more.

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