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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Induction Dynamics dARTS system

MSRP: $55,000.00

The Induction Dynamics dARTS system uses complex circuitry and room correction software to carefully match each speaker to a room’s unique acoustic signature, allowing for uniform, precise sound reproduction throughout the entire listening area. dARTS technology was first developed in 2005 by Induction Dynamics’ sister company, Phase Technology, and was the first all digital system with Audyssey’s MultEQ XT. The Induction Dynamics surround system takes the technology developed by PhaseTech and enhances it with audiophile-grade speakers that are hand-built and hand-tuned in the USA. The ID dARTS system (as shown in the attached photo) begins with the three-way S1.8Td tower speaker, providing two 8” Kevlar woofers, a 1.125” high power soft dome tweeter and a high-power 3” soft dome midrange in a ported tower enclosure. A C1.8d center channel plus S1.8Sd surrounds all employ the same woofers, 3” soft dome midranges and 1 1/8” soft dome tweeters as the tower units; all components in the system are sourced from all over the world and are hand-selected for performance within 1 dB of each other. Induction Dynamics’ patented S4X crossover technology is also employed in each speaker. A switch on the back of each speaker allows it to operate in dARTS mode or in its regular passive mode. 12”, 15”, or 18” Induction Dynamics subwoofers complete the ID dARTS system. Equalization, 512x filtering and up to 250 watts per channel of output power are supplied via the 16 channel SX7000d amplifier, which incorporates an Audyssey chipset plus digital mic preamp for room calibration.

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Induction Dynamics speakers provide audio performance and meticulous construction normally seen in speakers costing considerably more. These speakers, hand-built and hand-tuned in Lenexa Kansas, combine superior craftsmanship with carefully matched components to ensure that the speakers in a home theater or music listening system have the best possible performance and sound, along with an attractive design that can be custom-finished to match any décor. What sets this system apart from others is its perfect match to any room via dARTS room correction. Even the best sounding speakers can have their sound affected by a room's size and shape -- odd angles, unusual wall shapes, nooks and crannies create reflections that can color the speakers' performance. Using MultEQ XT Pro software, the room's characteristics are measured and custom correction filters are applied to each speaker to compensate for reflections and other room conditions. The result is a system that is perfectly matched and restored to its target curve. This performance can be achieved in virtually any type of room and the "sweet spot" now becomes the entire seating area.


The Induction Dynamics dARTS system not only provides the realistic, detailed sound that brings a movie soundtrack to life, it can also function as a superior speaker system for music listening and other audio. A switch on the rear of each speaker toggles the speaker between dARTS operation and a standard 3-way mode. In addition to providing superior sound, the speakers can be designed to perfectly match the room's décor. All Induction Dynamics speakers, including the ID dARTS system, are available in freestanding, on-wall or in-wall configurations. Standard finishes include rosewood gloss, black gloss, sports car red gloss and black satin, but any desired woodgrain, custom finish or paint color may be accommodated. 63 different grille cloth colors are available.

Company Info


Founded in 1995, Induction Dynamics is composed of a team of serious audiophiles whose passion is nothing less than perfection in the audio experience. Our meticulous attention to detail results in speakers that become works of art in the home — speakers that look as good as they sound. The construction of each speaker is equally important to us. When off-the-shelf technology doesn’t meet our exacting standards for speaker design, we invent it. Our numerous patents include crossover networks, speaker enclosures, non-reflective grille frames and mounting devices. The Induction Dynamics line includes freestanding speakers, in-wall speakers, on-wall speakers and subwoofers — all sonically matched with each other to give you ultimate flexibility in designing a home theater or listening room. Although we offer four standard finishes in our speakers (gloss rosewood, gloss black, sports car red gloss and satin black), we also specialize in custom finishes that allow you to match the decor of any room. With Induction Dynamics, you can have Audio Perfection Realized™.


Induction Dynamics
8005 W 110th Street
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Overland Park, Kansas
United States of America
Tel: 913-663-5600
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Induction Dynamics Products

dARTS system

The ID dARTS system combines audiophile-grade speakers with advanced room correction circuitry to result in a home theater system that brings realistic, dynamic sound to every seat in the room.


Our updated tower speaker smoothens bass peaks and valleys caused by room reflections. Its driver complement includes a unique 3” soft dome midrange, a 1.125” inverted titanium dome tweeter, a 6.5” Kevlar cone woofer and dual 10” subwoofers. All Induction Dynamics speakers are hand-crafted and hand-tuned in the USA.

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