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2014 Product of the Year Winner

Niles Cynema Soundfield

MSRP: $1,195.99 – $1,995.99

The design of the Dolby®-certified Niles Cynema Soundfield is truly ingenious. Put simply, it is a thin metal bracket that goes into the wall and holds the three 100-Watt dual-speaker modules and a powerful Niles amplifier. By tapping into the empty space behind the drywall, the Niles Cynema Soundfield delivers high-fidelity sound quality and amplification. Because the speakers and amplifier can be positioned anywhere on the bracket, there is no need to cut wall studs. Installation only requires cutting through the drywall, and because it uses a magnetic, paintable grill it can be made virtually invisible and match the décor of any room.

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Other soundbar manufacturers struggle to ensure quality sound and amplification with on-wall or tabletop models. The Cynema Soundfield gives the user the best of both worlds: a nearly invisible and compact soundbar paired with incomparable sound. Nobody wants a soundbar that sticks out farther than their TV — and now they don’t have to even consider it. Customers can enjoy theater-quality sound without having to see it.


The theater-grade soundbar makes home entertainment a completely invisible experience. As televisions get bigger and thinner, more of them are being mounted on walls — thus making the placement of traditional television soundbars an increasingly tricky challenge. Niles meets this tricky challenge with the Cynema Soundfield. TV lovers and film buffs can enjoy theater quality audio without sacrificing the room’s aesthetic. With 48-inch, 55-inch and 60-inch models, there is a virtually invisible soundbar to match any wall-mounted TV. Additionally, when connected to a multiroom audio system, the Cynema Soundfield can play music when the TV is off. It’s also a perfect addition for game rooms or dens where kids are around, because it can’t be knocked over and it has a special mode that limits the volume.


Installation Difficulty:
Pro Required

Company Info

California-based Niles is a 33-year-old company recognized as The First Name in Custom Installation®. The company is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of audio/video custom installation products and accessories and is guided by its vision to be the world\‘s leading provider of products and services that enable professional custom installers to design and install systems that delight their customers. To that end, Niles pursues a mission to provide solutions for end users that enable simple and easy access to home entertainment and that integrate seamlessly with other low voltage subsystems like lighting, internet, security and HVAC in residential and light commercial environments. Niles conducts its business with a promise to treat its customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders with fairness and respect and to foster teamwork, innovation and a commitment to be the best in everything it does.

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Cynema Soundfield

The Niles Cynema Soundfield is a Dolby-certified soundbar that does something no other soundbar can do — it goes in the wall! With TVs getting thinner and thinner and increasingly being wall-mounted, Niles engineers used the only space available for an on-wall TV, and developed an ingenious rail system that allows the soundbar to be simply mounted into the wall without cutting any wall studs. With 48-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch models, there is a Cynema Soundfield to fit any TV. And because it uses a magnetic, paintable grill it can be made virtually invisible and match the décor of any room. The Cynema Soundfield continues Niles’ legacy of invisible audio. The company is renowned for its in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, as well as its small-form subwoofers that bring top-quality home theater sound to any size media room.