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2013 Product of the Year Winner

Crestron GLS-EM-MCU Crestron Green Light® Power Meter

MSRP: $1,200.00

Crestron’s new GLS Power Meter (GLS-EM-MCU) takes that popular buzzword ‘energy management’ that everyone else talks about, and does measurable and quantifiable things with it. Power Meter logs overall electricity usage in real-time, enabling homeowners to accurately measure, monitor, and manage all electricity coming into the dwelling.

Mounted next to a standard breaker panel, Power Meter measures amperage and voltage down to the branch circuit level to calculate exact usage in kilowatt hours. Actual usage data is then automatically transferred to a Crestron control system over Ethernet where it can be displayed on a Crestron touchscreen, laptop, or mobile device for easy viewing and analysis.

Power Meter is designed as part of a complete, whole home energy management system. Real-time and historical energy consumption data is collected by Power Meter and displayed in easy-to-read color graphics using Fusion EM® software. Armed with tangible data, rather than estimates, intelligent energy savings decisions can be made.

Utilizing three-phase monitoring, by tracking individual branch circuits the Power Meter system provides more detailed energy usage data than similar solutions. The main Power Meter control unit monitors both voltage and current (ie. amps). This level of monitoring provides complete and accurate statistics of a home’s total electricity consumption. To achieve this, Power Meter connects to line voltage of each phase (up to 3) and neutral. Crestron Current Transformers (GLS-EM-CT) clamp around each of the incoming feed wires. These CTs then get wired into Power Meter’s inputs. With the voltage and current data, Power Meter calculates exact power usage.

Combined with Crestron lighting control systems, controllers, dimmers, switches, DALI ballasts, keypads, sensors, thermostats and software, integrators can now offer homeowners a complete energy management system that integrates seamlessly with the entire home on one platform.

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A key component to a complete energy management and monitoring solution, the GLS Power Meter sets itself apart in several ways.
  1. Three-Phase Monitoring: By tracking individual branch circuits, the Power Meter system provides more detailed energy usage data than similar solutions. How? The main Power Meter control unit monitors both voltage and current (ie. amps). This level of monitoring provides complete and accurate statistics of a home's total electricity consumption. To achieve this, Power Meter connects to line voltage of each phase (up to 3) and neutral. Crestron Current Transformers (GLS-EM-CT) clamp around each of the incoming feed wires. These CTs then get wired into Power Meter's inputs. With the voltage and current (amps) data, Power Meter calculates exact power usage.
  2. Current Transformers: Current transformers are vital to metering power. Crestron's whole-home energy management solution offers a choice of split core models that work with 600, 400, and 200 Amp feeds; these devices clamp around main feeds. Solid-core models are available for 50 and 20 Amp circuits.
  3. Individual Branch Monitoring: Homeowners often want to monitor consumption by area or by device. Power Meter, in conjunction with the GLS-EM-CTI current transformer interface, enables metering of multiple branch circuits. Up to four CTIs can connect to a single Power Meter for monitoring up to 84 branch circuits.
  4. Real-time and Logged Data: Inherent to the GLS-EM-MCU is the ability to provide both real-time and logged power usage data. Real-time data can be used on touch screens or mobile devices to show instantaneous usage. The energy usage screen within Fusion EM software provides attractive charts and graphs that illustrate the facility's energy consumption. Additionally, logged data can be shared with Fusion EM for more detailed reporting. The GLS-EM-MCU stores the logged data in non-volatile memory to prevent data loss.


The Crestron Power Meter measures voltage, current, real power, reactive power, power factor, and actual usage in kilowatt hours. No other metering product provides this level of measurement, nor works in a fully integrated home automation environment. Precise readings are displayed graphically in a variety of colorful charts, meters, and customized reports in Fusion EM® Energy Management software. Accurate energy consumption data can now be easily analyzed, scrutinized and acted upon to provide substantive and measurable energy savings throughout the dwelling.

Installation is simple with minimal wiring required. Whether a split-phase or a 3-phase system, simply clamp a Crestron Current Transformer (CT) onto the main feeds coming into the house, then connect the CT to Power Meter. CTs measure amperage and simultaneously communicate readings directly from the breaker box to the Power Meter. To read voltage, breakers are wired to the voltage inputs on Power Meter. It's that easy.

With home automation clients focused on energy savings and green strategies, integrators can now deliver a complete energy solution. Combined with Crestron thermostats, lighting control systems, dimmers, switches, keypads, sensors, and software, integrators can offer homeowners a complete energy management system that integrates seamlessly with the entire home on one platform.

Company Info

Crestron is a leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating home technology to simplify and enhance modern lifestyles. Crestron integrated solutions control audio, video, home theaters, HVAC, lighting, energy management, security, and other connected home systems from easy-to-use touch screens, mobile devices, handheld remotes, and keypads.

15 Volvo Drive
Rockleigh, New Jersey
United States of America

Crestron Products

DigitalMedia™ Distribution Center

Get the power of Crestron DigitalMedia®, the standard-setting digital AV network technology, in a compact one-box solution. Crestron DigitalMedia® 6x4 Distribution Center brings high-definition entertainment to every home and budget.

DigitalMedia 8G+™ Receiver & Room Controller w/Scaler

DM-RMC-SCALER-C Receiver & Room Controller provides a single HDMI™ output that produces the finest high-definition resolutions in any room on a Crestron DigitalMedia 8G+® network, regardless of the display used.

Surface Mount Touch Screen

Never has this much performance been available in a touch screen this small, at this price. Featuring Core 3 UI® graphics, the Crestron TSW-750 offers the finest in home control.

Crestron Green Light® Power Meter

Crestron’s new Green Light™ Power Meter logs overall electricity usage in real-time kilowatt hours, enabling homeowners to accurately measure, monitor, and manage all electricity coming into the dwelling.

Shading Solutions

Crestron Shades provide one-touch management of daylight with a complete line of motorized window shades and drapery track systems. Featuring exclusive low voltage Quiet Motor Technology™, Crestron shades are silent, operate smoothly, and combine control of electric light and daylight from any touchscreen, keypad, remote, or smart device. 

Crestron AIR™ 2-Way Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

Crestron AIR® speakers produce superior sound quality and unigue “QuickBall” installation for both indoor and outdoor settings. Featuring weatherized construction, high power handling, extended frequency response, and super easy mounting.


The Crestron HD-XSPA is a powerful surround sound processor that finally makes it easy and affordable to enjoy full 7.1 audio in any room as part of a whole-house AV distribution system.


The Crestron® DIN-AP3MEX is a space-saving home automation processor that powers wireless control of lighting, shading, AV, climate control, security, and other networked systems throughout the home or office.

CAEN-MLO Automation Enclosure

Crestron has integrated advanced dimming controls with Eaton® breaker panels to deliver a highly efficient and easy-to-install automation enclosure for any home or business. With the CAEN-MLO Automation Enclosure, lighting controls are no longer separated from the breaker panel, which streamlines installation, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance of the lighting system. The built-in LED diagnostic feature helps electricians pinpoint the cause of a trip; integrated breakers enable easy disconnection of individual loads or entire modules. And with its space saving design, the enclosure fits where you need it while supporting up to 80 controlled circuits. When combined with Crestron dimmer modules, the Eaton AFCI breakers can handle 2000W of dimmed load without nuisance breaker tripping, which is twice the previous industry standard. As a result, you need fewer breakers and fewer control modules to configure your system, reducing costs on parts and labor. With three sizes available, the largest CAEN-MLO enclosure houses up to 20 breakers, the smallest houses six breakers. The CAEN-MLO uses breakers with a clip-on neutral, greatly reducing wiring clutter and labor. And only Crestron will configure a lighting automation panel to ship with Eaton AFCI breakers pre-installed. Any CAEN-MLO automation enclosure can also be equipped with a complete Crestron automation control system, integrating dimming controls and switches with shading controls, climate controls, remote sensors, keypads and touch screen controllers throughout the building.

Green Light® Dimmable LED Drivers

Crestron Green Light® Dimmable LED Drivers (GLD-LED) support both DALI® and 0-10V control protocols to deliver new levels of performance, flexibility and cost-savings for virtually any home lighting control system. Superior, High-Power Dimming — Employing a combination of duty-cycle and current dimming technologies, Green Light LED drivers provide smooth, deep dimming with excellent color stability to 0.1%. A choice of 50W and 100W models affords high-power capability for use with a wide range of LED fixtures. Fine tuned control With the GLD-LED featuring the DALI® control protocol, Crestron underscores its commitment to open standards technology to give homeowners total freedom in their lighting designs. DALI® models are available in either single or 2-channel configurations and two-way communication enables independent control and monitoring of each individual fixture. It gives you granular control of each fixture on the network, allowing you to design pre-set lighting styles, maximize daylight harvesting, or adjust ambience through tunable white light applications. GLD-LED models utilizing 0-10V control technology deliver high-quality, single-channel dimming, and are compatible with both current sink and current source controls. Cost-effective performance For fixtures featuring direct and indirect lighting strategies, such as those found media rooms, the independent output channel control capability available in a single GLD-LED driver reduces the LED driver requirement by half, saving homeowners costs on both parts and installation.

App for Samsung Smart TV®

The ultimate mobile control app for home or office, the Crestron App easily integrates iOS® devices with home automation systems to monitor and control entertainment systems, lights, shades, temperature, security and more from anywhere with a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection. The Crestron app keeps you connected to all your systems, wherever you are. Even away from home you can turn lights on or off, let the repairman in, or check the security system to see if the kids are home. While you’re on your way, why not warm up the hot tub for your evening getaway? Whatever you need to control, the Crestron app lets you do it remotely as if you were there. Featuring a rich Smart Graphics™ interface, the Crestron app delivers an intuitive user-experience with gesture-driven controls, animated feedback, and metadata such as iTunes® album artwork and user-defined playlists. The interface is totally customizable to meet your needs, including the ability to create optimized GUI designs for both portrait and landscape mode that dynamically interchange as you rotate your iOS® device. The Crestron app is compatible with Crestron 2-Series and 3-Series™ control systems and allows you to control multiple home automation systems from just one app.

Digital QMT™ Shade Motor

Crestron enhances home shading controls with a compact, yet powerful new solution for any exposure. The new Digital QMT™ Shade Motor™ delivers highly energy-efficient and quiet operation of window shades of any size. The Digital QMT features the first brushless motor design for shades, which translates into greater reliability, much longer life, smoother operation, and ultra-quiet operation in the home. Plus it eliminates the carbon dust generated by motors utilizing brushes. But going brushless does not diminish power. To the contrary, the Digital QMT provides more torque in a smaller package than any other shade motor. This reduces power consumption while enabling it to be paired with shades ranging from just 17-inches to over 10-feet wide, with no difference in operating noise and performance. No other shade motor can fit into such narrow windows. Both wired and wireless models are available and provide users with an unprecedented level of precision thanks to Variable Speed Control (VSC) settings that adjust shades speeds in 1/10th RPM increments. The Digital QMT integrates seamlessly into the complete Crestron home automation ecosystem, allowing homeowners to adjust their shades, lighting, audio, video, temperature, door locks and more from any device they choose, including touch screens, iPads®, or their smartphone.

Aspire® In-Wall Subwoofer
Crestron 32X32 DigitalMedia™Switcher

This fully modular and expandable card-based 32x32 matrix switcher delivers ultra-fast digital video and audio switching for lossless HD entertainment throughout the home. It distributes SD, HD, 2K, 4K and streaming content.

Crestron AIR® Landscape Speakers

Crestron offers a full line of high-performance landscape speakers to deliver audio to all corners of your property. These weatherproof speakers blend in wherever you put them and stay there thanks to the extra-long 18” mounting stake. Offered in 4” and 6.5” sizes with available in-ground subwoofer.

Crestron C2N-AMP-6X100 6 Zone Amplifier

Crestron rounds out its family of high-performance amps with a powerful and flexible solution for mid-size home audio systems. The C2N-AMP-6X100 handles an impressive 12 source inputs with independent volume and levels control for each zone. Line-level outputs make it easy to integrate powered subwoofers for large or open spaces.

Crestron CLWI-Series In-Wall Keypads

Crestron keypads provide lighting and audio control from more than one location around the home or office. Recall scenes, dim up and down, and adjust volume using the customizable button layout. Available in wired and wireless models. Choose battery-powered wireless models for precision control without any electricity needed.

Crestron CP3N Control System

Delivers immense power and speed to reliably control all the technology in your home, including lights, shades, AV and much more. It provides a dedicated control network for Crestron devices to ensure optimal system performance. The CP3N scales with ease, providing all the power you need as your system grows.

Crestron Digital QMT™ Shade Motor CSM-QMTDC-256-2

Crestron transforms home automation solutions with the world’s first brushless shade motor. The revolutionary new design ensures ultra-smooth, ultra-quiet performance, as well as unparalleled reliability for homeowners. A single motor powers a shade as narrow as 21 inches or as wide as 10 feet. Comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Crestron Network Stream Player CEN-NSP-1

Crestron gives each member of the family complete audio freedom with the CEN-NSP-1. Listeners can play Internet radio without a web-enabled device, plus stream music wirelessly or wired from Apple® devices to a Crestron audio distribution system. Enjoy your favorite iTunes® and Internet music from any room.

Crestron RMC-4k-100-C-1G Receiver and Room Controller

Only Crestron delivers end-to-end 4K distribution—with no compromises. The RMC-4k-100-C-1G receiver and controller provides a discreet 1-gang box to connect a 4K display into a Crestron DigitalMedia™system.  It enables spectacular Ultra HD or 4K DCI viewing, with complete control, anywhere in the home.

Crestron TSR-302 Handheld Touch Screen Remote

Crestron delivers the ultimate handheld remote experience. Slim, stylish and packed with power, the TSR-302 is thoughtfully designed with a 2.8” capacitive touch screen, voice-command capabilities, and intuitive buttons to control your AV, lights, shades, temperature, security and more. It has all the features homeowner love and nothing more.

Crestron TSW-1052 Touch Screen

Crestron’s award-winning 10-inch capacitive touch screen controls all of the technology in your home, including lights, shades, AV, temperature, security and more. With its sleek design and stunning SmartGraphics™display, the TSW-1052 is a beautiful and powerful addition to any room and features voice recognition capabilities and on-screen web browsing.

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