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MSRP: Starting at $2,000.00

ClareHome is a complete home automation solution, designed to give you simple, personalized control over electronic lifestyle systems like lighting and shades, multiroom music and TV, heating/cooling, security, access control, video surveillance, water detection and more.

At Clare Controls, we believe you should be able to take full advantage these systems without an engineering degree. The Clare Controls App brings an absolutely unprecedented level of simplicity to the home automation interface, inviting you to personalize your own controls based completely on your favorite things to do.

You populate your personal interface with the controls you choose, adding, deleting and rearranging applications to suit your own preferences.  Change your mind? Change your interface.  It’s accomplished without outside assistance.  It’s easy.  And it’s free.

Familiar Apple interface conventions assure that you’ll be a confident, competent and satisfied system user, in less time than you’ll believe possible. Smart icons display live data, like the temperature in the living room or the status of the lights in the upstairs hall. Just tap an icon to open its full system control. Pin enlarged “at-a-glance” views of favorite apps ― like a security camera feed or the current weather ― to a sliding dock at the bottom of the page. You can even create limited access interfaces for houseguests and kids. No other product comes close to giving you this much control.

On the road? Our ClareAnywhere technology lets you control your home from wherever you happen to be, without worrying about system security. 

ClareHome makes home automation surprisingly easy. Completely personal. And unexpectedly fun. 

(Spoiler Alert! Impressed with the degree of control we’ve given users over their home automation systems? Wait until you see what we’re bringing to the home entertainment experience!)

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Installation Difficulty:
Pro Required

Company Info

Clare Controls is an award-winning provider of home automation solutions. Our ClareHome product give you simple, unified control over your electronic lifestyle, using devices you love, via interfaces you create. You see more of the convenience, comfort, security and entertainment that your systems provide, and less of the technology that makes it happen. 

A typical ClareHome solution may integrate multi-room music, TV, lighting and shades, security and access control, climate, video surveillance, pool controls, leak/freeze detection and more. With ClareHome, you control it all with your mobile devices, via an App that you personalize based on your favorite things to do. Just tap an icon to adjust a thermostat, fill your home with music or see who is at the front door. Imagine the convenience of shutting your home down for the evening with just one touch. 

With Clare, you are in complete command of all of the enabled systems in your home, from wherever you happen to be. Another room? A different floor? Across the globe? It’s all the same to your ClareHome system. Our ClareAnywhere technology assures that your remote connection is safe and secure, without compromising your home network firewall. 

ClareHome employs cloud-based “Silent Updates” to keep your system current at all times, and even to perform some service tasks. That means no long waits at home for a technician to visit, no charges for routine system updates and no service interruptions for maintenance. 

Built on well-established technology foundations, ClareHome is both scalable and extensible. This essentially “futureproofs” your investment, assuring that your ClareHome solution is ready to grow and change as your needs evolve and as new applications become available. 

ClareHome is high-value, full-featured home automation. Don’t settle for less!

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ClareHome is a complete home automation solution, designed to give you simple, personalized control over electronic lifestyle systems like lighting, music, television, climate, video surveillance and more. ClareHome erases “technobarriers,” employing the industry’s finest user interface to connect you directly to the convenience, comfort and security your system provides.

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