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2013 Product of the Year Entrant


MSRP: $160,000.00

SIM2 has a long history of designing and manufacturing high-end projectors, with each successive generation of products outperforming the last - and the rest of the projection market.  It is this expertise that gives SIM2 a distinct advantage over other brands; our highly-skilled R&D team is consistently able to develop products that redefine the state-of-the-art for high-end projection. The new CINEMAQUATTRO is the culmination of all that expertise, experience and innovation of design.  It is the new high-end reference standard, by which all others will be judged. 
This new 3-chip 4K 3D DLP projector is designed for use in Reference Home Cinemas, where very large screen sizes are used (typically over 15 ft wide) and the demand for high light output is mandatory.  SIM2 has, with the CINEMAQUATTRO, created a projector that delivers images with both very high brightness (10,000 lumens) and the highest possible resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels).  This delicate balance between sheer power and the ability to accurately define the fine detail of an image is crucial for true high-end image quality.  Whereas many high brightness projectors may deliver the desired light levels, none are able to match the CINEMAQUATTRO's ability to create this new picture ‘reference standard'. 
Cinema-quality 3D via the CINEMAQUATTROs advanced triple-flash technology (144 Hz) makes viewing the latest Hollywood 3D blockbuster an experience like no other. 

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Put simply, this is a no-compromise true high-end projector designed for use in the very best home theaters. These systems depend on the high light output and demand that video material is displayed as life-like as possible. SIM2 now offers a 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution, high brightness 3D projector - the CINEMAQUATTRO for this ultra-high end market sector. It is this combination of power and precision that sets the CINEMAQUATTRO apart from the competition.


SIM2's CINEMAQUATTRO exceeds the performance level of a home theater projector in two crucial areas: higher light output (10,000 lumens) and higher resolution (4096 x 2160 pixels). This will enable the creation of a true high-end theater system, one that will deliver a cinema-quality viewing experience. Flexibility is also key in terms of performance. This model allows for the use of different lenses depending on the application needs. The motorized lens mount, replaceable lamp and field-alignable DMDs ensure that set up is fast, and maintenance time and costs are reduced. An integral easy-to-use LCD control panel makes projector set-up and control simple and straightforward. Add to this the RS232, IR and IP control options and this high-end projector will integrate seamlessly with any control system.

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Since 1999 SIM2 USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Italian Projector Manufacturer SIM2 Multimedia, has dedicated its efforts and resources to generate opportunities and added value to its exclusively selected U.S. partners, by marketing, servicing and supporting the best products the Professional and CI Projection Market has to offer.

SIM2 Multimedia is a Worldwide leading manufacturer of Top Class/High End custom digital video projection Systems and a primary supplier of high performance large screen systems used in control rooms and simulation environments. Over the years SIM2, with its Italian developed and made display devices, has gained a reputation for meeting and often exceeding the industry’s demand for new, emerging technologies and business models, offering unparalleled performance, customer support and passion. Made in Italy by SIM2 is not just branding, but also prestigious mark of excellence!

SIM2 Multimedia’s marketing support and programs are global, with a direct presence in Italy (headquarters), USA, UK and China (sister companies), and in over 60 countries worldwide through partnerships with qualified distributors.

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SIM2 CINEMAQUATTRO 4K 3-chip 3D DLP home theater projector.


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