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2014 Product of the Year Winner

Kaleidescape Cinema One

MSRP: $3,995.00

Cinema One is simply the best movie player on the market. It combines pristine picture quality with high-fidelity sound to transform your living room into the ultimate home theater.

Unlike streaming services, Cinema One lets you enjoy all of your movies in true bit-for-bit Blu-ray and DVD quality—the highest audio and video quality available, with absolutely no compression. You get to enjoy every piece of data on the disc as it was recorded, whether imported from CD, DVD, or Blu-ray, or downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store. Cinema One can store up to 600 DVD or 100 Blu-ray quality movies.

When you’re ready for the show, Kaleidescape knows exactly where your feature film starts, so you’ll bypass all those warnings, previews, menus, and ads that are so common in DVD and Blu-ray movies. You go from zero to opening scene faster than any Blu-ray player in the world.

And Cinema One is the only movie player that supports Blu-ray quality movie downloads delivering amazing convenience without any compromise in quality.

Cinema One is the first stand-alone Kaleidescape System priced under $4,000 and offers the same award-winning Kaleidescape Experience that the Premiere Line does.

Installing and setting up Cinema One is easy with simple audio and video connections, and an onscreen setup menu. Two Cinema One players can be linked together to double the storage capacity and enjoy the combined library in two separate rooms. Simply connect Cinema One using the home Ethernet network and an HDMI cable. Cinema One also connects to any home automation system. When you press Play, the lights go down, the masking is set, and the movie starts instantly, creating a truly theatrical movie experience. And with the unique CinemaScape video-processing mode, Cinema One is the best source device available for a 2.35 home theater.

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With Cinema One the great Kaleidescape movie experience—previously limited to high-end custom home installations—is now available in a simple-to-install, all-in-one movie player.

It comes with Kaleidescape’s elegant and easy-to-use interface, renowned lifetime support, and long-standing heritage of performance and quality.

Streaming vs. Cinema One
  • Streaming services must heavily compress the content in order to stream it (50% of content on a Blu-ray disc is audio alone). There is no substitute for a true Blu-ray quality movie experience.

  • When purchasing a high-quality audio/video system for a media room or home theater, you want to ensure the best performance possible. So for those who want to get what they paid for from their HD TV or projector, streaming simply won’t cut it.

  • Many of the top movies aren’t available via streaming and can only be viewed on Blu-ray discs or DVDs.

Blu-ray Players vs. Cinema One
  • Even with an expensive Blu-ray player, you still have to deal with annoying previews, disc menus, and FBI warnings. That’s not to mention disc clutter. Kaleidescape jumps right to the beginning of a feature film and skips all previews, menus, and ads saving you 10 – 15 minutes every time you watch a movie, as well as a lot of frustration.
  • Cinema One is as easy to install as an off-the-shelf Blu-ray player. Yet it’s so much more advanced: It integrates with home automation systems, and stores all your DVD, Blu-ray, and downloaded content on a hard drive (up to 600 DVD and 100 Blu-ray quality movies), where they are accessible instantly via Kaleidescape’s renowned Movie Guide that lets you navigate and browse movies by genre, actor, director and more.

  • Kaleidescape gives you lightning-fast access to classic scenes that make a movie great or songs in concerts—all handpicked by our team of movie experts.


Superior Quality: Viewers enjoy all of their movies in bit-for-bit DVD and Blu-ray quality—the highest audio and video quality available.
Simplicity: Viewers simply press Play, and the movie experience starts instantly. Kaleidescape knows exactly where each movie starts, and skips all of the annoying warnings, previews, menus, and ads common in Blu-ray discs and DVDS.
Convenience: Users can get their movies from the only store that offers Blu-ray quality downloads over the Internet—and avoid having to manage discs altogether.
Future proof: Owners of disc collections can convert their discs—both DVD and Blu-ray—to digital copies and eliminate disc clutter.
Powerful: Cinema One can store up to 600 DVD or 100 Blu-ray quality movies. Kaleidescape automatically catalogs them in a library and presents them via an award-winning user interface.
Elegant: The beautiful on-screen Movie Guide and an iPad app let viewers intuitively search movies by genre, actor, director, and more, or jump directly to their favorite scene or song.

Company Info


The concept for Kaleidescape was born in early 2001, just after Michael Malcolm had a state-of-the art theater installed in his Colorado home. A small group of seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs brainstormed the best way to serve up a rich cinematic experience in the home.

Kaleidescape’s founders began to research everything they could about the motion picture business, licensing, and the technology of digital audio and video to bring their audacious goal to life. This led to their design of the Kaleidescape architecture, several innovative hardware appliances, and the purpose-built software for these products known as KEAOS — the Kaleidescape Entertainment Appliance Operating System.

“At the outset we realized the Internet would eventually be the delivery vehicle for movies. But we also realized that practical Internet delivery of high definition movies would be a long time coming, and shiny discs would need to suffice until then,” says Malcolm. “After considerable study we discovered that with carefully designed hardware and software we could build a legal system that enables customers to copy their movies to hard disks for immediate playback anywhere in the home. This discovery led to the first Kaleidescape System which we introduced in 2003.”

Today, the Kaleidescape experience is unrivaled. The company is known for its unwavering dedication to quality, innovation and customer service, and its unique movie server architecture. Kaleidescape Systems are installed in the finest homes and yachts around the globe. The company has also built and maintains one of the largest and most complete databases of information describing movies and music.

“Technology and innovation are at the heart of Kaleidescape,” notes Cheena Srinivasan, founder and executive vice president. “But our real satisfaction comes from seeing the impact we have on our customers’ lives. They enjoy more time with their families, reconnect with their favorite movies and music, and truly enjoy their content throughout their homes.”

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with research and development by Kaleidescape Canada, Inc., based in Waterloo, Ontario, Kaleidescape’s award-winning products can be purchased around the world through its network of custom-installation dealers and distributors.

440 Potrero Avenue
Sunnyvale, California
United States of America
Tel: 650-625-6159
Fax: 650-625-6101

Kaleidescape Products

App for iPad

Kaleidescape designs and manufactures the world’s leading Blu-ray and DVD movie servers, which forever change the way you enjoy movies. The Kaleidescape App for iPad extends the Kaleidescape experience to the iPad, displaying your movie collection with vivid high-resolution cover art, synopses, and other details.

Cinema One

Cinema One combines pristine picture quality with high-fidelity sound to transform any living room into the ultimate home theater. Unlike streaming services, Cinema One lets viewers enjoy all of their movies in true bit-for-bit Blu-ray and DVD quality—whether imported from CD, DVD, or Blu-ray disc, or downloaded from the Kaleidescape Store. Cinema One can store and play up to 600 DVD or 100 Blu-ray quality movies and goes from zero to opening scene faster than any Blu-ray player on the market. In fact, Kaleidescape knows exactly where each feature film begins, and takes viewers straight to the start of a feature film —with no delays from previews, menus, or ads. And as the only movie system to support Blu-ray quality movie downloads, Cinema One delivers amazing convenience without any compromise in quality. This family-friendly movie server has also been designed to meet the needs of young children by automatically switching to a simplified user interface with a specially designed child remote.

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