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DigIT Signage Technologies ChyTV-HD250

MSRP: $6,495.00

Ideal for any High Definition digital signage installation, the HD-250 utilizes ChyTV’s familiar ChyTV Tools utility to manage the content and projects and is completely compatible with existing ChyTV products. The HD-250 features the highest quality 3D dynamic text and effects, 3D animated objects, clip play out and more. Unlike pre-rendered MPEG player devices that can’t easily be modified, the 3D text can be changed on the fly in real-time using live data for the most stunning, captivating dynamic graphics and vibrant animations possible.

The HD-250 easily integrates with a wide variety of external devices including bar-code scanners, motion and proximity detectors, scent and lighting systems and more. With the new High Definition live input, the HD-250 enables High-Definition digital signage to be combined with live HD video. The powerful and varied features of the HD-250 enable a truly interactive, immersive and adaptable environment. The HD-250 leaps beyond Digital Signage into the Digital Media Experience.

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Exclusive distributor for the ChyTV video information display devices. ChyTV is a “Digital Signage/video Informational display product.” In a nutshell, ChyTV takes video in and out, lets you “squeeze” the live video region and position it anywhere on the screen, allows you to place graphics around or on top of the live video. The live video can be from a DVD player, cable TV tuner or any other video source. If desired, you can run ChyTV as stand-alone with full screen signage without a live video input. ChyTV is offered in both SD and HD and can be placed anywhere there’s a television or flat screen. Graphic pages are authored using either a PowerPoint plug in or our own ChyTV Authoring software for content creation layout tool. We also have methods to support more sophisticated animations. ChyTV is updated Ethernet from a computer, or in SD can also run stand-alone and be updated via Compact Flash card. ChyTV is a self-contained hardware appliance; it is not based on a computer, and is not running on an OS like Windows. This means that it is very simple, very reliable and virus and spyware proof. You turn it on, and it just works. ChyTV can function as a display for information and advertising, or it can also be used as a Security / Alert system. We are able to generate text such as a crawl dynamically and in real-time, it is very easy to use ChyTV to display information that changes day to day, such as weather, stock quotes, news, custom welcome message for visitors, etc. Please see our Web site ( for more information.

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The ChyTV-HD250 is the latest generation of the renowned ChyTV family of products available on the market today. Special 15% discount applies just by mentioning you seen it from Electronic House!

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