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2013 Product of the Year Winner

SurgeX Cervella enabled Axess Elite

MSRP: $1829.00

The SurgeX Axess Elite is an IP addressable, surge eliminating and power management system that allows integrators to monitor and control power distribution platforms via the Internet, 24/7. This powerful system can customize, synthesize, and monitor individual outlets and power settings on integrated IP-enabled devices via remote access. It collects temperature, voltage and current draw measurements and reports back via a user-friendly energy and power usage display. Axess Elite also gives integrators the ability to control power on an outlet level; including turning outlets on and off and controlling expansion units from the master unit while compiling an internal history log file for advanced monitoring of the system and user access.

With Cervella, a centralized dashboard is added to provide secure management, monitoring and diagnostics of every product on the network. Cervella aggregates outlet-level power information from the Axess Elite units, providing comprehensive reporting of power status, energy consumption and overall network health. Proprietary Secure Access Management (SAM) software allows systems managers to define user access so a single username/password eliminates the need to know individual IP addresses or individual device usernames and passwords while keeping the system more secure than ever.

For management, a simple building schematic and floor plan view interface displays every device on any network, right down to the residence location, making remote service highly efficient. Simple point and click navigation allows users to quickly troubleshoot problems, monitor and manage energy usage data and operational status.

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Cervella enabled Axess Elite is unique for several reasons. For one, the system monitors individual outlets and power settings on integrated IP-enabled devices via remote access and collects temperature, voltage and current draw measurements, reporting back via a user-friendly energy and power usage display. The fact that it can handle these operations on a single outlet or across an entire home is a differentiating factor.
Also unique is SurgeX patented Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination Technology. Unlike other sacrificial MOV-based power protection options, the Axess Elite eliminates surge energy without producing harmful side effects such as ground contamination or common-mode disturbances. This technology allows it to survive unlimited surges and continue operating long after other protection devices have blown out.
Useful for homeowners and installers are the custom sequences that can be created across an entire network with e-mail or text notifications sent about various power phenomena based on user-defined conditions. These notifications help to protect the overall health of a system by highlighting potential issues which can be fixed more prudently, thus improving a connected product's lifespan and performance.
Adding to the security of the system is the fact that it has a solid state backup, so there is no worry of data breaches or losses from an insecure cloud-based system. For added security on a user level, the SAM software provides management options for installers while a record of all activities and system adjustments are logged so there will never be confusion as to who did what in a project. For added peace of mind, both Axess and Cervella are backed by a best in class 11 year warranty.


Homeowners have much to gain from having the Cervella Enabled Axess Elite system installed in their home. From an energy savings perspective, specific schedules can be set so AV or other home systems can be shut down or adjusted based on several different criteria. For maximum flexibility, schedules can be set by time of day, time spent in stand-by mode or even when a certain over-voltage is hit. The remote access also means a user can go in and power up or down at any time remotely. A smart schedule can reduce electrical costs while improving system performance.
Tech support is also a huge benefit of the SurgeX Cervella and Axess Elite solution. Many times a simple re-boot will fix a down system and the Axess allows an installer to go in, assess the problem quickly and take decisive action to remedy, often before the customer even knows it's down. This is a win for both customer and installer. If the problem needs more than a simple reboot, the SurgeX system can identify the exact problem area ahead of time so the problem can be fixed immediately with limited down time.
Unmatched surge protection is also a benefit.

Company Info


SurgeX is the leading energy intelligence company and proud manufacturer of AC power conditioning and surge elimination products. Offering a complete line of AC power solutions for protection, power conditioning, and control of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment, Surgex’s patented Advanced Series Mode® protection technology is the only product line in the market that absorbs and eliminates surges without the use of sacrificial components, ground or common mode contamination. SurgeX technology is A-1-1 Certified, is completely non-sacrificial, and protects AV equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt sound quality and digital performance. SurgeX is owned and operated by Electronic Systems Protection, Inc. All products are manufactured in Zebulon, North Carolina, are, and are backed by a best in class 11 year warranty.

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United States of America
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SurgeX Products

Cervella enabled Axess Elite

Cervella enabled Axess Elite ushers in a new era of home energy intelligence with a solution that offers protection, security, monitoring and reporting of any power distribution system.

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