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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Gefen AV Automation (GAVA)

MSRP: $999.00

GAVA 3.0 now offers advanced automation features featuring Lutron lighting systems. It centralizes the control of all connected devices into a web-based interface that can be accessed at anytime using a smartphone, tablet or computer. GAVA uses an existing LAN, allowing an easy integration of A/V devices connected to the network. When packaged with Gefen’s PACS, any A/V devices using IP, IR or RS-232 can be automated and controlled by GAVA.

With the recent inclusion of the Lutron GRAFIK® Eye QSE, GAVA allows customizable and repeatable lighting scenarios.

One of the best new features is the addition of “event triggers” that automate all aspects of the home. These triggers happen behind the scenes and are totally customizable. You can program a “Watch Video” trigger that, when selected, immediately dims the lights, turn on the display and the entire A/V system and lowers the window shades.

You can also allow or restrict user access to the GAVA setup Wizard and password protect certain or all portions of the GAVA system. You could design a password-protected view of the bedroom that only authorized users can access, and then you could design a all-access view of the family room that everyone can access. 

Automation for lighting and window shades is supported using the Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS, which allows for complete customization of lights and shades via RS-232 or the Ethernet. The Lutron GRAFIK Eye QS is energy-efficient and can control of up to six or eight zones of lighting. LED, fluorescent and halogen lights are all supported.

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What makes GAVA unique is its ability to control applications in a home or business from devices that use IP addresses on the network rather than a stand-alone controller with dedicated cabling. This makes it ideal for the retrofit market or for a distributed system across multiple rooms. GAVA has a unique configuration wizard that lets you pick and assign devices to control from premade lists for drivers and prescribed screens layouts.


GAVA offers an easy installation using a configuration wizard and an IP-based system that controls all connected audio/video devices in the home as well as window shades and lighting. GAVA uses an HTML5 interface and is optimized to work with smart phones and tablets such as the iPhone, iPad and Android using a web browser as the control interface. Unlike many other automation systems offering control through smart phones, GAVA does not require any special downloaded applications.
It is a multi-room, multi-user control system, and not just another 'smart' remote. Once configured, GAVA retains a unique IP address that enables any authorized device with wi-fi capability the ability to access and control the entire A/V system. One of the best features of GAVA is the ability to save the configuration onto the computer hard disc, then have the ability to recall the setting later on so you can essentially ship GAVA to an installation and literally drop it in with total plug and play functionality. Another great feature of GAVA is that it's easy to integrate with Gefen's other A/V products including matrix switchers.


Installation Difficulty:
Pro Recommended

Company Info

Gefen is a leading solutions provider at the forefront of the digital connectivity arena, delivering a wide selection of audio/video switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, adapters, cables and home theater accessories that support systems of all shapes and sizes. Gefen’s scalable solutions allow home entertainment and computer systems to be easily integrated, extended, distributed and optimized to maximize performance. Prosumers around the world turn to Gefen for dependable products that sustain the test of time, supported by technical representatives skilled in a wide variety of manufactured products that complement all Gefen solutions. The company’s unique product innovations, including Fast Switching Technology (FST) and Power Over Line (POL) technology, continue to significantly enhance the performance of audio/video systems. Wireless high definition video extension, integration of alternative content for digital cinemas, and high-end audio processing also adds to its reputation as a significant resource for installers and system integrators. Gefen is one of the first to support the new 3DTV standards, and is committed to supplying integrators with the most reliable, effective and forward-thinking solutions available today. As we move forward in the 21st century, Gefen leads the way in harnessing new technologies while increasing its value-added proposition through outstanding customer service and technical assistance. GefenTV is Gefen’s exclusively consumer brand, offering professional quality products at cost-effective prices. Designed to give home theater enthusiasts access to leading connectivity solutions without requiring a technical background in audio/video, all GefenTV products are attractively designed for the home and are installed with plug and play ease. Gefen will always offer the finest quality products at the best possible price. Included in that price is a lifetime of free support from a team of outstanding engineers.

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Tel: 818-772-9100
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Gefen Products

Wireless for HDMI 60Ghz

Gefen’s newest Wireless for HDMI Extender uses 60Ghz technology to deliver high definition video with 3DTV pass-through up to 33 feet (10m) in distance, making it ideal for in-room applications. This new extender supports 1080p full HD content along with multi-channel audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60Ghz Extender offers a small footprint, low pricing and a high quality signal extension of HDMI with no latency. It is easy to install, has a long-range output and works with laptops, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and any source equipped with HDMI outputs. Up to eight sender units can be connected to the same receiver, so eight sources can be accessed by the same display. Users switch sources using the included IR remote control. HDCP compliance ensures all protected content is supported. Installation requires a simple connection of the video source to the sender, and a connection of the display or projector to the receiver. Data is transferred wirelessly at 4Gbps for an instant delivery with near zero latency.

AV Automation (GAVA)

GAVA automates and controls all A/V devices, window shades and lighting in the home from any smart phone, computer or tablet. GAVA rides on the home’s LAN and allows 24/7 access any time, any where. No apps, complicated setup or license fees required. GAVA is intuitive, simple and practical.

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