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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

IAV Lightspeaker AudioRock

MSRP: $349.99

The IAV AudioRock is part of a unique wireless audio system designed to make your music blend with your environment. There are other “rock type” speakers on the market but none that are wireless and none that make such extensive use of Digital Signal Processing to achieve otherwise unheard of sound quality.

Many times to add music to an outdoor area the speakers must be placed in less than ideal locations. This is due to the difficulty of running wires under hardscape like pool decks or patio concrete. The IAV AudioRock completely circumvents these types of problems by removing the wiring all together. An added benefit by doing this is it also vastly reduces the installation time and cost. In addition, because there is no wiring, you can easily re-position the IAV AudioRock to suit your party. Simply re-position your outside recreation area without affecting the music coverage (it’s that easy)!

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Ease of installation and mobility of the product.

Moving to a new home or business location? You won't need to invest in a new outdoor audio system, the IAV AudioRock moves with you; your second system is essentially free! Need music on the boat dock? The IAV AudioRock can do it, up to 250 ft from the base station. Would you like to hear more than the iPod? Switch to a second source like your TV or computer with the push of a button located on the back of the IAV AudioRock. Need more volume (or less)? Again it's easy; either push the volume buttons up or down on the back of the IAV AudioRock or use the optional remote control (sold separately). Want music in more than one area? Then just add more IAV AudioRocks (8 or more) and remember you don't have to listen to the same music in all areas, any area can switch back and forth between either of the sources; rock out in the front yard and at the same time others can listen to the ball game in the back yard on their own IAV AudioRocks. Want to improve the sound of your outdoor T.V.? The IAV AudioRock is one of the very few wireless systems that can be used with any video source (no delay).


  • You can take the product with you if you move.
  • Play different music in different areas of the home or outdoor.
  • Long lasting rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours.
  • Weatherproof sealing of electronics assures reliability over time.
  • Volume control from base unit (sold seperately) or direct from the AudioRock.

Company Info

The LightSpeaker is the ultimate combination of wireless audio, lighting, and ease of installation.

IAV LightSpeaker
8404 Elway #2C
Missoula, Montana
United States of America
Tel: 877-591-2491

IAV Lightspeaker Products


The IAV AudioRock is part of a unique wireless audio system designed to make your music blend with your environment.

System LS5.2.2

IAV LightSpeaker® will add sound to any room in your home or business in mere minutes. The IAV LightSpeaker® relies on a standalone transmitter to deliver sound wirelessly, saving thousands of dollars by not having to run cables!

AudioRock System / RS5.2.0

The Wireless Audiorock System installs into any outdoor location. Enjoy outdoor audio in just a few minutes without having to worry about running any wires. The system includes the AudioRock, a Wireless transmitter with 2 Source Inputs and 2 Separate Zone Outputs, battery, and RF remote.

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