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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

L-com Inc. Armored HDMI Cables

MSRP: $25.71 - $63.95

Audio/video applications are overwhelmingly turning to HDMI technology to connect video and audio devices to source devices, as it comes complete with audio, video, and Internet connection all in a single cable with a reasonably-sized connector. However, as the range of uses for HDMI increase, the availability of niche cabling products to serve unusual applications remains small. L-com designed and released its armored HDMI cables in August to provide an off-the-shelf solution for installers and integrators in environments where the cable may be crushed or impacted. These applications include busy and high-traffic areas, like the digital signage used at a tradeshow or fair, hazardous environments like the monitors used in restaurants or active construction scenes where something heavy may fall on the cable, and even security situations where the cable may be intentionally tampered with. L-com offers six different lengths of these cables, with options for hardened PVC plastic armor that can withstand crushes of up to 1000 pounds per square inch (PSI), or stainless steel armor that can withstand crushes of up to 1500 PSI. Knowing that they can place an order as-needed and have stock items ship same-day is one of the benefits L-com provides their installer customers.

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Though there may be other sources for these kinds of cables, L-com is the only US manufacturer that stocks so many different lengths available for same day shipment with no minimum order quantity. Even without the armor, these cables are among the highest quality commercially available and will provide a long life, far longer than what would be required to justify the cost, which is still lower then some of the highest end manufacturers. These cables are designed to be more than functional, and at the same time eminently available to users of all scales.


Besides their peerless audio/video and Internet connectivity, the biggest benefit of these cables is their durability. They will far outlast cheaper cables in environments were impact is a factor, saving time and money on replacing the cables over time. In applications where the audio/video connectivity is crucial (applications include busy restaurants and stores where the monitor is part of the ordering process and digital signage on the sales floor or for booths at a trade show) these cables will also offer an assurance that the signal will not fail even if the cable is impacted.

Company Info

Founded in 1982, L-com Global Connectivity ( is a privately held corporation in Massachusetts, USA, dedicated to the design and production of a wide range of interconnect products for the electronics and data communication industries. L-com places primary product emphasis on copper and fiber cable assemblies, wireless antennas and amplifiers and accessories for modular, coaxial and computer networking applications. L-com endeavors to serve the industry by offering solutions to interconnect problems, in terms of both physical products marketed domestically and internationally and helpful information freely distributed in its catalog and web site.

L-com Inc.
45 Beechwood Dr
North Andover, Massachusetts
United States of America
Tel: 978-682-6936
Fax: 978-689-9484

L-com Inc. Products

Armored USB Cables

L-com’s new USB 2.0 cables with metal armor boast a crush resistance of 1500 PSI. They far outlast cheaper cables, saving time and money replacing connectivity to storage devices.

Armored HDMI Cables

L-com’s armored HDMI cables have a crush-resistance of up to 1500 PSI. They provide assurance that video signals will be uninterrupted even in the case of impact.

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