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Wyrestorm Technologies LLC AMP-001-010 HDBaseT Class D Digital Amplifier

MSRP: $829.00

Wyrestorm’s AMP-001-010 HDBaseT Class D Digital Audio Amplifier ― the first HDBaseT products to come to market that offer enhanced product features beyond the core 5Play HDBaseT feature set. By adding a compact 30W D-Class amplifier to a fully functioning HDBaseT Cat5e/6 extender, the AMP-001-010 simplifies the relationship between HDMI, HDBaseT and 2.1 Stereo audio allowing the integrator to improve the sound quality of any display without the need to accommodate a large AV receiver or add an array of audio analog converters. Fully functional as a single source, single display set-up, the AMP can also be easily extended to multiple displays using the HDBaseT repeating port, allowing the connection of a further 6 displays, each with local amplification, full HD and source control capabilities. 

The AMP-001-010 has been designed as an accessory to Wyrestorm’s PP & POE HDBaseT matrix devices providing a self-contained full HD and Audio distribution solution without the need to mix digital and analog technologies. Currently, many integrators buy HDMI Extenders and Audio Amplifiers as separate devices which can be hard to accommodate and integrate. Wyrestorm’s AMP-001-010 combines the two of both of these products into one and offers the functionality of a high quality HDBaseT Extender but with the in-built amplification and importantly embedded EDID management. Even in its most basic form, the AMP-001-010 adds the potential to increase project value for the installer on nearly any project by recommending speakers, subwoofers, and integrated audio/video solutions for all displays which weren’t previous possible with a standard Cat53 HDMI extender product. Improved audio and video quality need not be limited only to dedicated home theater rooms. Integrators can now apply a more complete and integrated audio/video solution for all displays whilst improving functionality through ARC and easing the install process through a compact design.

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Wyrestorm is a worldwide manufacturer of digital high-definition distribution technology. Wyrestorm specializes in the design and development of innovative technology solutions for residential and commercial applications, proudly offering customers around the globe the highest quality and reliability in its wide range of products. Wyrestorm award-winning products include HDMI & HDBT extenders, the first HDBaseT audio amplifier, configurable matrix switchers, splitters, converters and basic control. Wyrestorm remains at the forefront of digital technology, focusing its efforts on the design and development of innovative A/V distribution technology solutions that provide integrators with the utmost flexibility for any system and project. Wyrestorm’s extensive portfolio of innovative products help to remove obstacles from custom electronic system integrators’ business by incorporating the latest technologies, including HDBaseT technology, and features that result in quicker, more simple installations that simply work. For consumers and homeowners, this means less cords connecting their audio and video equipment and crowding the room, less down time and more seamless service and troubleshooting. WyreStorm’s product line includes a wide range of HDMI and HDBaseT solutions including extenders, amplifier extenders, configurable matrix switchers, upscalers, splitters, converters, test equipment and cables are designed to meet any installation size and A/V distribution challenge. WyreStorm has offices is the U.K. and U.S. with development laboratories in China and Europe. All products distribute HD content over HDMI, Coax, Cat5e/6/7 and fibre optic using various chip set configurations. All WyreStorm products are manufactured to ISO9001 standards, are protected by a two-year warranty and backed by dedicated in-house technical support throughout key markets in the world.

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Wyrestorm Technologies LLC Products


Wyrestorm Enado is a new, browser-based user interface/controller for home AV distribution and automation systems that is affordable, intuitive and accessible via any Internet-enabled iOS, Android, Windows device or smartphone. With powerful hardware and cross-platform software, Enado provides an intuitive, out of the box home control solution.

EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH HDBaseT Extender

Wyrestorm’s new, premium EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH (Power over HDBaseT) extender is designed to deliver fully uncompromised transmission of full 36-bit, 1080p HD video, audio, Ethernet, control signals and power over a single Cat5e/6 cable; delivering rock solid, HD signal transmission for electronic distribution systems that require long runs, up to 100 meters.

MX-PP-POH Pro Plus Matrix

Wyrestorm’s MX-PP-POH (Power over HDBaseT) is a modular, built-to-order matrix that combines all the inherent benefits of HDBaseT, distributing full HD video, audio, RS-232, and IR, and power via one Cat5e/6 cable, with near-limitless combination of analog and digital connectivity, all customized for any home or AV distribution application.

AMP-001-010 HDBaseT Class D Digital Amplifier

Wyrestorm’s patent-pending AMP-001-010 is the first HDBaseT digital amplifier that combines and simplifies the relationship between HDMI, HDBaseT, and stereo 2.1 audio. It can be used as a single source/display extender or support multiple audio and video sources, up to 56 displays ― each with local amplification, full HD and source control.

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