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2013 Product of the Year Entrant

Actiontec Electronics 500 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter

MSRP: $49.99

With Actiontec’s new PWR500 500 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter Kit, consumers can extend their broadband network wherever an electrical outlet is available. Based on the latest HomePlug AV Powerline technology, these adapters use a home’s existing electrical lines to create a high-performance, high bandwidth home network that’s perfect for home theater and gaming applications.

These sleek adapters instantly turn any electrical outlet into a high-speed Internet connection with speeds up to 500 Mbps on the Powerline side and 100 Mbps on the 10/100 Mbps side. It’s a perfect solution for connecting home theater devices like a Blu-Ray player or gaming console to the Internet.

Most consumers will be able to connect their Ethernet-enabled devices to the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps, without having to string Ethernet cables around the house or deal with any performance fluctuations like with WiFi. Best of all, users enjoy connectivity wherever there’s an electrical outlet, meaning they can get a high speed connection anywhere they want—the basement, 2nd floor, garage, etc.

Actiontec’s new powerline adapters are significantly more affordable than other solutions on the market. In short, consumers get the reliability of a wired network at a price point that’s even cheaper than wireless.

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Here are 7 key differentiating features for the Actiontec PWR511 powerline kit:
  1. Sets a new pricing benchmark: Actiontec has broken new ground by offering the Powerline Network Adapter kit for $49.99. That's cheaper than wireless. When it comes to building a high performance home network for home theater and gaming applications, no one else is offering these speeds for this price.

  2. Tiny size: The new adapters are tiny to seamlessly and discretely fit into any home theater setup. In fact, these adapters are half the size of other models on the market.

  3. Blazing fast speeds: Based on the latest Powerline technology, these adapters support speeds up to 500 Mbps on the Powerline side and 100 Mbps on the 10/100 Ethernet side. In short, they deliver wired Ethernet speeds without having to string an Ethernet cable from the living room to bedroom.

  4. Compatible with most Ethernet-enabled devices: The adapters work with virtually any networking device that has an Ethernet port, such as: HDTVs, Blu-ray players, DVRs, Slingbox, gaming consoles, and more.

  5. Easy to set up: Users simply plug the adapters into power outlets. No installation disks, drivers, or configuration are required.

  6. More secure than wireless: The adapters are based on Actiontec's popular push-button design that delivers advanced security (including 128-bit AES security) while keeping setup simple. Protecting the home network is as easy as pressing a button. As a result, consumers with little home networking experience can keep their personal data safe and eliminate the risk of network hijacking without struggling with complex configuration screens.

  7. Reliable: The adapters offer a stable connection wherever there's an electrical outlet, including traditionally hard-to-connect places like the basement or garage. Since it's a wired connection, users don't have to worry about performance fluctuations that can impact wireless transmission.


While wireless is the most popular LAN technology in homes today, it can be problematic when it comes to demanding applications like IPTV and gaming. Home and building construction can create dead spots, where wireless service is slower, less reliable or unavailable altogether. Actiontec's 500 Mbps Powerline Network Adapters solve these headaches by combining the flexibility of wireless home networking with the stability and speeds of a wired connection.

While the 802.11g standard supports a maximum bandwidth of 54 Mbps, most users are lucky to get 20 Mbps. In contrast, Actiontec's Powerline adapters can deliver a theoretical maximum speed of 500 Mbps, and most users enjoy speeds up to 100 Mbps on the Ethernet side. In addition, Powerline networks have very low latency (less than three milliseconds, depending on gaming configuration).

And unlike wireless networks that are prone to dead zones, weak signals, and fluctuating speeds, Actiontec's Powerline adapters offer a stable connection wherever there's an electrical outlet, including the basement and corner room on the second floor.

Company Info


Actiontec Electronics develops broadband solutions that connect people to the Internet, applications, and content they care about. Our products, including Gigabit Ethernet fiber routers, high speed bonded VDSL2 gateways, 4G LTE routers, DSL modems, and whole-home networking solutions, are deployed by some of the largest telecom carriers in North America. Alongside our service provider partners, we’re turning the promise of the digital lifestyle into reality, enabling consumers to enjoy any content on any device in any room in the house.

Actiontec Electronics
760 North Mary Avenue
Sunnyvale, California
United States of America
Tel: 408-752-7700

Actiontec Electronics Products

500 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter

Use Actiontec’s 500 Mbps Powerline Network Adapter to connect home theater devices like your Blu-Ray and Gaming Console to the Internet.

Multi-LAN Adapter

By seamlessly integrating multiple networking technologies, the Multi-LAN Adapter creates the fastest whole-home network. It’s the Swiss army knife in your arsenal of networking devices.

MoCA Network Adapter

Actiontec’s EC2500c MoCA Network Adapter turns coaxial wiring into a high-performance Ethernet network, giving consumers an easy way to connect their home entertainment devices to the Internet.

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