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2013 Product of the Year Winner

SunBriteTV 4707ESTL Marquee Series 47-inch Outdoor Television

MSRP: $4,995

The 4707ESTL is the culmination of SunBriteTV's many years of investment in outdoor television design and manufacturing technologies for residential and commercial applications. Employing SunbriteTV's proprietary Extended Solar Tolerance (EST) technologies and standard weatherproof features, the 4707ESTL 47-inch all-weather television offers the best performing, most durable, affordable, and simplest outdoor solution for television entertainment available in the industry today.

The SunBriteTV Marquee Series offers the same qualities of all-weather durability, full 1080p HD image quality and high value that have made SunBriteTV's outdoor television products an industry standard in homes across the nation. The 4707ESTL is up to 40% brighter than standard indoor televisions, featuring an extra bright 700 NIT LCD panel and SunBriteTV's high-temperature Extended Solar Tolerance (EST) technology to keep the panel cool in operating temperatures up to 122 degrees F. A specially engineered internal heater also allows each unit to be used safely in conditions as cold as -40 degrees F. The result is a high performance HD display that delivers incredibly bright images and is capable of enduring exposure to direct sunlight while avoiding isotropic blackout, without the need for additional external casings or cooling systems commonly employed in competing designs.

The 4707ESTL is designed with an extremely tough and durable powder-coated aluminum all-weather exterior construction that resists corrosion. It is engineered specifically to withstand moisture, humidity, dust, insects, sunlight and temperature extremes. A comprehensive array of video and audio connections is provided to facilitate use with a wide variety of audio and video sources. The 4707ESTL also features a tempered anti-reflective glass front window that provides added protection to the LCD screen and includes a sealed wiring compartment to keep moisture out.

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Using any indoor television in an outdoor environment, you not only void the product warranty, you also run the risk of having your valuable equipment fail due to water damage, dust, or even bugs. You also need to consider that most indoor televisions are not bright enough to be used outdoors, and will suffer isotropic blackout if viewed in direct sunlight. So leave indoor TVs where they belong, indoors!

With its truly weatherproof design enabling permanent installation around pools, outdoor kitchens and patios, the SunBriteTV 4707ESTL enables a radically different entertainment scenario that allows friends and family the opportunity to escape from the traditional living room setting. This year-round solution to television viewing captures the imagination as a unique and inviting way to enjoy a variety of television content.

Hosting dinner parties or barbecues, enjoying football games, movies and more outdoors is a novel and creative way to entertain year-round.


As part of the Marquee Series of 47- and 55-inch televisions available in portrait and landscape modes, the 4707ESTL features Extended Solar Tolerance technology, enabling the screen to be viewed in direct sunlight without any isotropic blackout effects. The bright, 700 NIT screen is also protected by a special layer of tempered glass, offering additional protection from the elements.

The 4707ESTL can easily become the centerpiece in a backyard renovation or makeover; providing the home with a new focal point and entertainment area to be proud of.

All of the power, video and audio source cables leading to the SunBriteTV 4707ESTL are protected by an innovative water-tight Cable Entry System that effectively seals out moisture and allows easy connection to Blu-ray players, game consoles and other devices. The addition of the optional weatherproof detachable 20W speaker module allows the 4707ESTL to deliver sound quality that is a large step up from the hollow sound available from most modern flat-screen televisions.

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When SunBriteTV developed the first-ever all-weather outdoor television in 2004, homeowners instantly embraced the concept, and today SunBriteTV continues to populate backyards across North America with exponential growth.

Of course, things have changed a bit since then. Back in the day, just having a TV in the backyard was next to a miracle, so the first 20-inch 4:3 aspect ratio LCD TV was considered a luxury. Today, SunBrite has stepped up to the plate and now offers a full line of all-weather HD LCD TVs that are engineered with the company’s all-weather feature-set that protects the TV from rain, moisture, dust, insects and extreme temperature ranges from -24 degrees up to +122 degrees F.

Keeping a pulse on the market, SunBrite understands that homeowners who enjoy high-quality home theater viewing indoors, expect to experience the same quality in their outdoor spaces. Take, for example, SunBriteTVs Model 5510HD. This generous 55-inch powder-coated aluminum TV delivers 1080p full-hd 120Hz LCD viewing, detachable speaker module and provides both RS232 and Discrete IR control systems.

For the more budget-conscious homeowners, SunBrite offers model 4630HD, a 46-inch full-HD 1080p TV designed with outdoor-rated ASA plastic resin, integrated speakers with an RS232 option.

For more information regarding SunBriteTV’s complete line of 55-, 46-, 32- and 22-inch all-weather TVs, visit

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4707ESTL Marquee Series 47-inch Outdoor Television

With its truly weatherproof design and Extended Solar Tolerance technologies, the SunBriteTV 4707ESTL delivers a unique viewing experience in the yard, by the pool or outdoor kitchen for many years to come.

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