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Crestron Crestron TSR-302 Handheld Touch Screen Remote

Crestron delivers the ultimate handheld remote experience. Slim, stylish and packed with power, the TSR-302 is thoughtfully designed with a 2.8” capacitive touch screen, voice-command capabilities, and intuitive buttons to control your AV, lights, shades, temperature, security and more. It has all the features homeowner love and nothing more.

Crestron Crestron TSW-1052 Touch Screen

Crestron’s award-winning 10-inch capacitive touch screen controls all of the technology in your home, including lights, shades, AV, temperature, security and more. With its sleek design and stunning SmartGraphics™display, the TSW-1052 is a beautiful and powerful addition to any room and features voice recognition capabilities and on-screen web browsing.

Vantage Equinox 73

Conceived by homeowners, designed by Vantage and delivered by a professional team of trained installers, Equinox 73, part of the Equinox family of unique user interfaces, is positioned to deliver the ultimate in simplification for everyone;  growing and adapting to the ever changing needs of the home.

Leviton Security & Automation OmniTouch 7 Touchscreen

Leviton’s Built-In OmniTouch Touchscreen is an impressive high resolution capacitive touch device. Utilize this dedicated interface to control your security system, lighting, temperatures, audio and much more. View IP surveillance cameras and unlock wireless door locks. Features 7” viewable screen and is simple to install with PoE.

URC TRC-1080

The TRC-1080 is the newest wand-style, programmable, color LCD remote addition to URC’s Total Control® family of interfaces. It packs all the power and two-way remote feedback for one-room entertainment control up to whole-house, integrated control of A/V, lighting, security and more.

Professional Audio Associates TruTouch Full-HD LED Multi-Touch Display

TruTouch Multi-Touch Display from Newline Interactive. With our IdeaMax system you can make notes on documents, record meetings & presentations, and utilize features such as Unlimited Canvas, Handwriting Recognition, and Finger Touch Technology improving productivity and increasing efficiency in the workplace. Newline Interactive is all about PRODUCTIVITY, MADE EASY!

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