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2014 Product of the Year Entrant
LG Electronics High Efficiency Mono X™ NeON Module (LG300N1C-G3)

LG’s MonoX NeON premium series features a 60-cell panel design and delivers high-efficiency output of up to 300 watts with 18.3 percent module efficiency. It combines LG’s N-Type cell manufacturing technology into one cutting-edge unit. Among the lightest on the market at only 37 pounds (16.8 kilograms), the LG MonoX NeON is over 11 percent lighter than previous models, allowing installation by one technician rather than two. Other highlights include selective emitter and fine electrode technologies as well as LG’s unique anti-reflection coating technology.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Pakedge Device & Software P8 Intelligent Power Distribution Unit

The Pakedge P8 Intelligent Power Distribution Unit is designed to provide the highest degree of AC power protection and comprehensive on/off power startup and shutdown capabilities in a custom-installation or smart home network. The P8 provides eight AC outlets and has an Ethernet connection, making it ideal for smaller installations or where space is at a premium. Each outlet can be remotely turned on and off via access to a LAN, by e-mail or by using Pakedge’s BakPak app for Apple® IOS, Android devices and web browser interface. The P8 has auto-ping self-healing and equipment reboot functionality. The P8 will ping a connected device every 15 seconds and automatically reboot the device if necessary while notifying the dealer via e-mail. This capability saves the dealer a support call to the homeowner’s residence. The P8 can be programmed to schedule power reboot events at regular intervals. It can also monitor AC power consumption. The P8 is designed for easy installation, with pre-labeled AC outlets and Ethernet connections. It can be used with Pakedge’s 1U brush plate and 2U/3U cover plate for a clean, neat appearance. The P8 can also be used with optional heat and humidity sensors.

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