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Wisdom Audio Insight Series P2i

The Insight Series™ brings key core technologies and performance characteristics of the award-winning Sage Series® to more accessible price points.

The amazing planar magnetic tweeter is responsible for this series’ characteristic transparency, detail and instantaneous dynamics, and extends all the way down to 650 Hz, well below conventional dome tweeters.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
GoldenEar Technology Invisa HTR 7000

The Invisa HTR 7000 is designed for use as a ceiling-mounted main front stage left-, right- or center-channel speaker in high-quality home theater and music systems, as well as for use as a side or rear surround speaker. It has a flat, round or square, magnetically attached micro-perf grille that covers the mounting flange for an attractive, nearly “invisible” look. The drivers are mounted at precisely calculated angles so that they face the normal listening position for exceptional imaging, superior frequency response, remarkable clarity and precise focus. The driver complement combines the same superb 7” high-definition cast-basket driver used in the acclaimed GoldenEar Aon 3, with one of GoldenEar’s signature technology High Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeters (HVFR™). A complex crossover network, with a high-frequency equalization switch, assures perfect blending. In order to achieve open, boxless, three-dimensional imaging that appears to come from across the front wall rather than the ceiling, great care has been taken to minimize deleterious diffraction effects as well as to optimize wave-launch into the room. This is achieved by utilizing and combining our FocusField™ Technology with a unique Non-Periodic Waveform (NPW) Diffraction Control and Wave-Launch construction.

Velodyne Acoustics MiniVee series

Velodyne’s MiniVee delivers high-impact, low-distortion performance in a compact package. It features a high power amplifier, capable of delivering up to 2000 watts of peak power, and a massive 12.7 lb. magnet structure to drive a small 8-inch driver. A multi-layer Kevlar reinforced cone ensures tremendous power handling and accuracy.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Orb Audio LLC Mod1X Plus Home Theater Speaker System

The Mod1X Plus Home Theater Speaker System brings award-winning Orb Audio performance to your room for just $999. Completely redesigned to celebrate our 10th Anniversary, the Mod1 Plus includes 4 Mod1X satellite speakers, 1 Mod2X center channel speaker, and our new subONE compact audiophile subwoofer. If you are looking for high performance without busting the budget, the Mod1 Plus is a great choice. Includes speaker wire and subwoofer cable as well, so you have everything you need to set it up out of the box.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Kohler Co. Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

Moxie lets you stream your favorite music, news or talk radio right in the shower with you. The Moxie showerhead holds a portable wireless speaker that pairs wirelessly with Bluetooth®-enabled devices to deliver high-quality audio to your shower. The speaker docks directly into the showerhead, so your music is closer than ever when showering. While it plays your favorite sounds, this revolutionary showerhead generates a full-coverage, revitalizing spray of water for a sensory experience like no other. Moxie is easy to install and use; the wireless speaker pops out for recharging, then securely pops back in for use while showering. You can even take it with you as a wireless speaker to use in any room of the house, or on the go.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
LG Electronics NB3730A Sound bar

The NB3730A Sound Bar System takes entertainment to a new level, with powerful, immersive sound as well as access to online video content or streamed music from mobile devices.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Integra Onkyo LS-T10 EnvisionCinema

LS-T10 EnvisionCinema one piece home theater system with Bluetooth wireless audio streaming and Aurasphere enhanced imaging technology.

Velodyne Acoustics Optimum series

Velodyne makes creating optimal bass response in your room easy. The Optimum series subwoofers feature a high-efficiency amplifier, a multi-layer Kevlar reinforced driver with a massive magnet structure, and an easy-to-use, one-touch 7 band room equalization system that optimizes the subwoofer’s output to your individual listening room.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Artison RCC 320 PC

RCC 320 Pre Construction In-Wall Subwoofer

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
VIZIO S4251W-B1 Sound Bar

VIZIO is America’s #1 brand in sound bars*** for a reason. If you’re looking to complete your entertainment experience with a true surround sound audio, the VIZIO S4251W-B1 is the perfect audio upgrade for HDTVs 47 inches or greater. Movies, television, games, music, and more all burst to life with immersive sound and rich bass. The sound bar package includes everything you need to make the setup process smooth — all audio cables are included and built-in ubiquitous Bluetooth technology enables anyone to wirelessly connect a smartphone, tablet, PC, or other compatible device to the sound bar.** Create a digital jukebox at your next get-together, or just kick back and enjoy your favorite band in full 5.1 surround sound.
*** Source: Quixel Research units sold Q3 2013
**Wireless Subwoofer range approximately 60 feet – line of sight from Sound bar.

SolidDrive SolidDrive SD1sm

Turn cabinets, tables and other rigid or semi-rigid surfaces into speakers with the SD1sm, a surface-mount version of the patented, US-made SolidDrive®. It’s a true invisible audio solution, with no patching or post-construction work needed. SolidDrive mounts behind or underneath the surface, transferring acoustic energy directly to the material.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Definitive Technology SoloCinema Studio

The SoloCinema Studio is a 5.1 channel powered home theater system with a sleek, minimalist design complementary of today’s flat-screen TVs that delivers a superior audio experience.

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