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Quest Technology Int’l Inc. 4ft. Flat Screen TV WireHider

Quest’s Premiere Raceway Flat Screen TV WireHider® is designed for the Home Theater enthusiast looking to hide all hanging cables from behind their wall mounted flat screen TV. This WireHider is constructed of two 1-1/2″ clear channels for separation of power and Audio/Video cables and includes a paintable cover lid.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Crestron Digital QMT™ Shade Motor

Crestron enhances home shading controls with a compact, yet powerful new solution for any exposure. The new Digital QMT™ Shade Motor™ delivers highly energy-efficient and quiet operation of window shades of any size. The Digital QMT features the first brushless motor design for shades, which translates into greater reliability, much longer life, smoother operation, and ultra-quiet operation in the home. Plus it eliminates the carbon dust generated by motors utilizing brushes. But going brushless does not diminish power. To the contrary, the Digital QMT provides more torque in a smaller package than any other shade motor. This reduces power consumption while enabling it to be paired with shades ranging from just 17-inches to over 10-feet wide, with no difference in operating noise and performance. No other shade motor can fit into such narrow windows. Both wired and wireless models are available and provide users with an unprecedented level of precision thanks to Variable Speed Control (VSC) settings that adjust shades speeds in 1/10th RPM increments. The Digital QMT integrates seamlessly into the complete Crestron home automation ecosystem, allowing homeowners to adjust their shades, lighting, audio, video, temperature, door locks and more from any device they choose, including touch screens, iPads®, or their smartphone.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Epic Sky Technology Epic Sky Star Panel System

The Epic SKY Star system is a module system that creates realistic starry nighttime effect and that can be integrated with sound and contains pre-programmed special effects. It will transform a home theater into a one of a kind show stopper.

Wyrestorm Technologies LLC EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH HDBaseT Extender

Wyrestorm’s new, premium EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH (Power over HDBaseT) extender is designed to deliver fully uncompromised transmission of full 36-bit, 1080p HD video, audio, Ethernet, control signals and power over a single Cat5e/6 cable; delivering rock solid, HD signal transmission for electronic distribution systems that require long runs, up to 100 meters.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Crestron Green Light® Dimmable LED Drivers

Crestron Green Light® Dimmable LED Drivers (GLD-LED) support both DALI® and 0-10V control protocols to deliver new levels of performance, flexibility and cost-savings for virtually any home lighting control system. Superior, High-Power Dimming — Employing a combination of duty-cycle and current dimming technologies, Green Light LED drivers provide smooth, deep dimming with excellent color stability to 0.1%. A choice of 50W and 100W models affords high-power capability for use with a wide range of LED fixtures. Fine tuned control With the GLD-LED featuring the DALI® control protocol, Crestron underscores its commitment to open standards technology to give homeowners total freedom in their lighting designs. DALI® models are available in either single or 2-channel configurations and two-way communication enables independent control and monitoring of each individual fixture. It gives you granular control of each fixture on the network, allowing you to design pre-set lighting styles, maximize daylight harvesting, or adjust ambience through tunable white light applications. GLD-LED models utilizing 0-10V control technology deliver high-quality, single-channel dimming, and are compatible with both current sink and current source controls. Cost-effective performance For fixtures featuring direct and indirect lighting strategies, such as those found media rooms, the independent output channel control capability available in a single GLD-LED driver reduces the LED driver requirement by half, saving homeowners costs on both parts and installation.

Cooper Lighting Halo HU20 Magnetic LED Undercabinet

Featuring a low profile design, the patented connector technology allows each LED luminaire to connect to the low voltage track system with magnetic contact to be easily moved and relocated. Ideal for task, accent, office, cove and utility lighting, It delivers maximum energy savings and life with easy installation.

Legrand HDBaseT HDMI Extender (AC1030)

The Legrand HDBaseT HDMI Extender (AC1030) extends both HDMI and Internet signals up to 328 feet (100 meters) using Cat 6 wiring. The device supports 3D video and 1080p resolution, while dual IR targets allow the source device to recognize remote commands at a secondary location.

Legrand HDMI cables

The Legrand High Speed HDMI w/Ethernet cables (AC2MXX-BK) are UL CL3 rated, perfect for in-wall solutions. The Legrand Slimline cables (AC3M0X-WH-V1) are 75% thinner than regular HDMI cables, providing an ideal solution for cluttered entertainment center connections. Both lines available in multiple lengths to suit any AV application.

CASE AV HDMI Extender BL-526-051

Steren’s HDMI over Category Cable Extender allows runs of HDMI® up to 250ft for 1080p resolution. This High Speed Certified unit is HDMI® and HDCP compliant.

CASE AV HDMI Matrix BL-526-039

Steren’s 4x2 HDMI® Matrix switch allows up to 1080p resolution signals to be cross switched from 2 different sources to up to 4 different HDMI® displays.

CASE AV HDMI Splitter BL-526-041

The Steren HDMI® 1x4 Spliiter is HDMI® and HDCP compliant and allows one HDMI® source to be viewed on up to 4 different displays. Handles up to 1080p resolution.

CASE AV HDMI Switches (3x1/5x1)  BL-526-033 / BL-526-037

Steren offers multiple HDMI® switches with up to 5 inputs to feed different HDMI® sources to a single display. They support 1080p resolution and are HDMI® and HDCP compliant.

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