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Simply Automated, Inc. Anywhere 3-Way Switch Kit

Professional Grade Remote Lighting Control. Two high quality professional grade 900W switches replace existing mechanical wall switches, utilize same wires of existing wall switches — no traveler wires or batteries needed! Turn on/off circuits from both switches (neutral wire required).

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Crestron App

The ultimate mobile control app for home or office, the Crestron App easily integrates iOS® devices with home automation systems to monitor and control entertainment systems, lights, shades, temperature, security and more from anywhere with a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi® connection. The Crestron app keeps you connected to all your systems, wherever you are. Even away from home you can turn lights on or off, let the repairman in, or check the security system to see if the kids are home. While you’re on your way, why not warm up the hot tub for your evening getaway? Whatever you need to control, the Crestron app lets you do it remotely as if you were there. Featuring a rich Smart Graphics™ interface, the Crestron app delivers an intuitive user-experience with gesture-driven controls, animated feedback, and metadata such as iTunes® album artwork and user-defined playlists. The interface is totally customizable to meet your needs, including the ability to create optimized GUI designs for both portrait and landscape mode that dynamically interchange as you rotate your iOS® device. The Crestron app is compatible with Crestron 2-Series and 3-Series™ control systems and allows you to control multiple home automation systems from just one app.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Crestron App for Samsung Smart TV®
2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Pakedge Device & Software BakPak

The Pakedge BakPak app enables an iPad®, iPhone™, Android device or web browser to configure Pakedge products, monitor Pakedge and other manufacturers’ devices, control system-wide power and enable automatic system status notifications all via the cloud. The BakPak mobile app allows management of all IP devices on a network from the cloud. BakPak works with the Pakedge NP36 Cloud Appliance to deliver this performance. BakPak is capable of monitoring multiple installations and provides mobile alerts – allowing a dealer to find and repair problems before they’re ever discovered by the end-user. BakPak’s “killer app” feature — the ability to add and monitor third-party devices — enables dealers to be fully aware of users’ networks at all times, all from a free app. BakPak enables a mobile device to remotely power cycle the PoE ports on Pakedge switches and power distribution units and remotely monitor Pakedge and other manufacturers’ devices. The app lets also installers add multiple jobs/locations to their project databases, with multiple devices per location. Systems integrators can store all their device profiles and settings on their mobile device for immediate access wherever they go. They can also back up all their profiles and settings to the cloud or a local device.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Crestron CAEN-MLO Automation Enclosure

Crestron has integrated advanced dimming controls with Eaton® breaker panels to deliver a highly efficient and easy-to-install automation enclosure for any home or business. With the CAEN-MLO Automation Enclosure, lighting controls are no longer separated from the breaker panel, which streamlines installation, troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance of the lighting system. The built-in LED diagnostic feature helps electricians pinpoint the cause of a trip; integrated breakers enable easy disconnection of individual loads or entire modules. And with its space saving design, the enclosure fits where you need it while supporting up to 80 controlled circuits. When combined with Crestron dimmer modules, the Eaton AFCI breakers can handle 2000W of dimmed load without nuisance breaker tripping, which is twice the previous industry standard. As a result, you need fewer breakers and fewer control modules to configure your system, reducing costs on parts and labor. With three sizes available, the largest CAEN-MLO enclosure houses up to 20 breakers, the smallest houses six breakers. The CAEN-MLO uses breakers with a clip-on neutral, greatly reducing wiring clutter and labor. And only Crestron will configure a lighting automation panel to ship with Eaton AFCI breakers pre-installed. Any CAEN-MLO automation enclosure can also be equipped with a complete Crestron automation control system, integrating dimming controls and switches with shading controls, climate controls, remote sensors, keypads and touch screen controllers throughout the building.

Crestron Cameo® Express Wireless In-Wall ELV Dimmer

Delivering the versatile functionality and designer characteristics as the popular Cameo dimmer family, CLW-DELV provides superior in-wall RF dimming of electronic low voltage fixtures such as today’s popular incandescent, halogen and LED light sources. Available in 120V, 230V, and 277V models, CLW-DELV dimmers support LED dimming in homes worldwide.

Clare Controls ClareHome

ClareHome is a complete home automation solution, designed to give you simple, personalized control over electronic lifestyle systems like lighting, music, television, climate, video surveillance and more. ClareHome erases “technobarriers,” employing the industry’s finest user interface to connect you directly to the convenience, comfort and security your system provides.

URC Complete Control App

Transform your iPad®, iPod® or iPhone® into your favorite AV controller! With this mobile app, you can now turn your iDevices into friendly remote controls. Manage and control your entertainment and optional lighting in and around your home. Includes CC Control App Setup Card and MRX-1 Controller.

Crestron CP3 3-Series™ Control System

With more processing power and memory, faster speeds, multi-tasking capability, and enhanced security, the Crestron CP3 3-Series Control System® is the backbone for the world’s most powerful home control platform. Featuring the 3-Series™ control engine, the CP3 integrates, automates, and manages all the disparate technologies throughout your home.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Crestron DIN-AP3MEX

The Crestron® DIN-AP3MEX is a space-saving home automation processor that powers wireless control of lighting, shading, AV, climate control, security, and other networked systems throughout the home or office.

Wyrestorm Technologies LLC Enado

Wyrestorm Enado is a new, browser-based user interface/controller for home AV distribution and automation systems that is affordable, intuitive and accessible via any Internet-enabled iOS, Android, Windows device or smartphone. With powerful hardware and cross-platform software, Enado provides an intuitive, out of the box home control solution.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Vantage Equinox 73 and Mobile Apps

Equinox 73 functions as a graphical user interface to the Vantage system and provides a personalized dashboard for multi-system control. The on-screen widgets are programmable through Vantage’s Design Center Software. Once configured, widgets are easily edited on the device itself. Individualized profiles can be created based on time of day, location, function, or individual. The 7” screen provides an environment for three live widgets, each with dashboard control of an individual sub system. While widgets are programmed using Design Center they can also be configured locally on the EQ73 hardware. Further personalization to the dashboard can be made to meet specific requirements of the user, space, time or function. Profiles are easily accessed through a single touch drop down menu and are quickly individualized through the dashboard. Additional widgets are accessed through a simple gesture or swipe to the screen similar to the majority of today’s comparable GUI devices like smart phones and tablet PC’s. Utilizing the power of Vantage’s Design Center software Equinox devices come with both a predefined graphical environment and an auto-configuration capability that allow Integrators to efficiently create intuitive screens that are consistent with the entire Vantage graphical user environment.

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