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D-Sonic Custom Audio M3 Audio Amplifiers

D-Sonic M3 series amplifiers are the latest in Class D technology. Power ratings are 400/600/800 and 1500w/channel/8 ohms. Power increases substantially into 4 ohms. These units run much cooler than standard AB amplifiers and require no fans or heat sinks. Available in 1 to 7 channels at all power levels.

AURALiC AMERICAS, Inc.​ MERAK Monoblock Power Amplifier

AURALiC’s powerful MERAK Monoblock Power Amplifier, a hybrid design with a linear power supply, reproduces music as perfectly as possible, accurately capturing details and nuances. Weighing 18.7 lbs., its compact, stackable chassis delivers 200 watts at 8 ohms and 400 watts at 4 ohms, producing a warm, appealingly vivid sound.

Wyrestorm Technologies LLC MX-PP-POH Pro Plus Matrix

Wyrestorm’s MX-PP-POH (Power over HDBaseT) is a modular, built-to-order matrix that combines all the inherent benefits of HDBaseT, distributing full HD video, audio, RS-232, and IR, and power via one Cat5e/6 cable, with near-limitless combination of analog and digital connectivity, all customized for any home or AV distribution application.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Datasat Digital Entertainment RA2400 2 Channel Stereo Amplifier

The Datasat RA2400 Stereo Power Amplifier combines innovative design with advanced circuitry to deliver outstanding audio performance. Ideal for high quality 2 channel systems, home theatre installations as well as entire estates, sound reproduction is powerful, refined and pure. Datasat has produced one of the industry’s quietest and most powerful 2 channel amplifiers. The Datasat RA2400 doubles amplifier speed (slew rate) while reducing noise by 50%. It uses current feedback to increase amplifier speed while dual mono design ensures each channel is completely independent with separate power supplies that minimize crosstalk, noise and distortion. The Datasat RA2400 features a unique amplifier design using 40 small storage capacitors per channel situated close to the output transistors for faultless operation. Delivering extended versatility, the Datasat RA2400 produces 400 watts of power rated at 8 ohm loads. For high power performance at low impedance, it is capable of continuous operation at 600 watts rated at 4 ohms. The RA2400 has been produced with 40 years of design experience and a reputation for perfection.

AudioControl Rialto 400

The AudioControl Rialto 400, is a compact, high-powered amplifier with a built-in audiophile-grade DAC (digital to analog converter) designed specifically to provide greater performance and higher sound quality for all analog and digital systems, including Sonos® home entertainment systems.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
XTZ Sound Room Analyzer II Pro

The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro is a complete room acoustic analysis and calibration system which offers an easy solution to analyze, calibrate, and optimize your home theater or Hi-Fi sound system and remains your number one option for room analysis! You no longer have to spend countless hours researching and trying to get various pieces of hardware and software to work with one another. The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro provides a complete turn key system with everything you need in a convenient package. The XTZ Room Analyzer II Pro includes a wide array of advanced features and tool sets yet is easy enough for the average home theater or Hi-Fi enthusiast to use. In the Room Analyzer mode the program will also provide suggestions and list information about the room modes found within the 16 – 250 Hz frequency range after a measurement is taken. The room analyzer kit includes everything you would need in order to measure and calibrate your sound system. The Room Analyzer II Pro kit contains the full blown analyzer and calibration software suite, a high grade precision microphone, the interface to the computer with an integrated microphone pre-amplifier, all the cables, a microphone stand, and an aluminum carrying case.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
Onkyo TX-NR929

The TX-NR929 9.2 channel Network A/V receiver celebrating the 20 year partnership between Onkyo and THX. The most advanced receiver Onkyo has built to date.

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