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Wyrestorm Technologies LLC EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH HDBaseT Extender

Wyrestorm’s new, premium EX-1UTP-IR-100-POH (Power over HDBaseT) extender is designed to deliver fully uncompromised transmission of full 36-bit, 1080p HD video, audio, Ethernet, control signals and power over a single Cat5e/6 cable; delivering rock solid, HD signal transmission for electronic distribution systems that require long runs, up to 100 meters.

Legrand HDBaseT HDMI Extender (AC1030)

The Legrand HDBaseT HDMI Extender (AC1030) extends both HDMI and Internet signals up to 328 feet (100 meters) using Cat 6 wiring. The device supports 3D video and 1080p resolution, while dual IR targets allow the source device to recognize remote commands at a secondary location.

Legrand HDMI cables

The Legrand High Speed HDMI w/Ethernet cables (AC2MXX-BK) are UL CL3 rated, perfect for in-wall solutions. The Legrand Slimline cables (AC3M0X-WH-V1) are 75% thinner than regular HDMI cables, providing an ideal solution for cluttered entertainment center connections. Both lines available in multiple lengths to suit any AV application.

CASE AV HDMI Extender BL-526-051

Steren’s HDMI over Category Cable Extender allows runs of HDMI® up to 250ft for 1080p resolution. This High Speed Certified unit is HDMI® and HDCP compliant.

CASE AV HDMI Matrix BL-526-039

Steren’s 4x2 HDMI® Matrix switch allows up to 1080p resolution signals to be cross switched from 2 different sources to up to 4 different HDMI® displays.

CASE AV HDMI Splitter BL-526-041

The Steren HDMI® 1x4 Spliiter is HDMI® and HDCP compliant and allows one HDMI® source to be viewed on up to 4 different displays. Handles up to 1080p resolution.

CASE AV HDMI Switches (3x1/5x1)  BL-526-033 / BL-526-037

Steren offers multiple HDMI® switches with up to 5 inputs to feed different HDMI® sources to a single display. They support 1080p resolution and are HDMI® and HDCP compliant.

Tributaries HX102 HDMI Cable Extender

Tributaries’ HX102, a patent pending, active device, is designed to increase the performance of long-length HDMI cables less than 25m from Standard to High Speed; the 12-inch lightweight dongle/HDMI cable designed for convenient connection at the display end of a long Standard HDMI cable, uses video equalization to correct timing issues.

Tributaries Series 6 HDMI Cable

The Tributaries 6HEC is a reference-level HDMI cable with Ethernet. Constructed with silver-plated solid HC-OFC conductors to ensure a high-speed HDMI signal in lengths to 5m, the Series 6 HDMI features raised BOSS elements for a tight fit while its Full Body Armor™ provides physical protection for the connector.

2014 Product of the Year Entrant
MIDLITE Corporation Speed Port™ Universal Cable Pass Thru, Fastening & Wall Anchor System

The Speed Port™ is the first universal cable pass thru, fastening and wall anchor system. Unmatched versatility, ease of installation and its cost/labor reducing features make the Speed Port™ the ideal solution for your cable pass thru and mounting needs.

2014 Product of the Year Winner
Gefen Wireless for HDMI 60Ghz

Gefen’s newest Wireless for HDMI Extender uses 60Ghz technology to deliver high definition video with 3DTV pass-through up to 33 feet (10m) in distance, making it ideal for in-room applications. This new extender supports 1080p full HD content along with multi-channel audio formats including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. The GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60Ghz Extender offers a small footprint, low pricing and a high quality signal extension of HDMI with no latency. It is easy to install, has a long-range output and works with laptops, set-top boxes, Blu-ray players and any source equipped with HDMI outputs. Up to eight sender units can be connected to the same receiver, so eight sources can be accessed by the same display. Users switch sources using the included IR remote control. HDCP compliance ensures all protected content is supported. Installation requires a simple connection of the video source to the sender, and a connection of the display or projector to the receiver. Data is transferred wirelessly at 4Gbps for an instant delivery with near zero latency.

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