What Can You Connect With a Wink Smart Home System?
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HVAC & Other Stuff

The last category is a bit of a catch-all, with five very different products. Well, two of them aren’t all that different. Those would be a pair of water heater modules from Rheem. One is designed for an electric water heater, with a second option for gas. Each one easily mounts to the side of the water heater and connects to a home’s Wi-Fi network. Then, it uses the company’s EcoNet technology to keep tabs on that water heater and allow for remote peeks and tweaks. A different type of monitor can be found in Refuel, a smart propane tank gauge. Yes, you never have to worry about going without your grill again!

The last two options are from Quirky—and certainly live up to the company’s name. The first one is the Aros Window Air Conditioner, which allows users to control 8,000 BTUs of cooling goodness from any mobile device. The last of the lot is the Wink Pivot Surge Protector. What good is an app-enabled pivoting surge protector? Besides being able to squeeze awkward devices into those four outlets, it keeps each one safe from power problems and even allows for control of two devices from any smartphone or tablet. [Pictured: Aros App-Enabled 8,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner.]

Pricing: $29.88 to $279
For More Information: Home Depot

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What Can You Connect With a Wink Smart Home System?