Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Toys
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Microsoft Xbox One

Let the console wars begin! In addition to the PS4, the new Xbox One is arriving a week later on Nov. 22. And much like the new console from Sony, Microsoft’s updated Xbox is also a much more powerful iteration of the Xbox 360, and is also based on X86 architecture, which should make overall gaming experiences very similar between the two consoles. The Xbox is known for a rich online experience with Xbox Live, and that continues here with many new services and options including passing your cable box through the Xbox so you can control not only your gaming, but the shows you watch as well. The Xbox One also includes the updated new Kinect 2.0 camera/controller and now is able to pick up precise movements down to individual fingers, as well as enhanced voice recognition capabilities that will allow you to fully control the Xbox One with your voice. Like the PS4, the Xbox One is also not compatible with Xbox 360 or earlier Xbox games.


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Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Toys