Holiday Gift Guide: Smart Home Automation
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Smarter Smoke Detector

A smoke detector has probably never made it onto anyone’s gift list, but most will rejoice at receiving the Nest Protect. This is no ordinary smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It also senses and responds to heat, light and motion. And instead of sounding an ear-piercing alarm at the first whiff of smoke, it illuminates in a golden color to give you a heads-up. It’ll also warn you when its batteries are running low by illuminating an amber light and sending you a text message (no more annoying low-battery chirps). If you’re prone to burning the toast, just wave a hand in front of the detector and it’ll ignore the smoke temporarily. Pair it with the uber-popular Nest thermostat so that the detector has something to talk to. At the first sign of smoke, the detector can signal to thermostat to turn off the heating and cooling system to prevent smoke from spreading through the air ducts.


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Holiday Gift Guide: Smart Home Automation