Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management
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Insteon On/Off Module

It’s simple: Turn things off and the consumer less power. As simple as it seems to turn off a lamp, a curling iron or fan or a space heater when leaving the house, most families forget occasionally. Some forget all the time. For a hectic household, a device like the Insteon On/Off Module is a solution that’s easy to install and use. It can help eliminate wasted energy consumption provide peace of mind. The On/Off Module plus into an AC outlet, and a device plugs into the module. From an app that’s downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, the module can be told to cut power to the attached device. In addition to basic on and off control, the app lets users create on/off schedules for devices. The On/Off Module requires the addition of Insteon’s Hub ($129.99). Other devices, including LED light bulbs, wall switches and surveillance cameras can be controlled via the app and Hub, too.
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Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management