Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management
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Venstar ColorTouch

Often how you decide to set your thermostat hinges on the conditions outdoors. If it’s cold out, you may bump up the heat a notch or two; same goes for the AC in when it’s sweltering outside. The ColorTouch thermostat from Venstar displays the current outdoor temperature (plus the 3-day forecast) in full color as well as the indoor humidity level. It adjusts the home’s HVAC system automatically to regulate the humidity; it’s up to the user to how they’d like to adjust the thermostat based on the weather. Thanks to the stat’s web connection, a user can monitor and control it from any web-enabled mobile device. And when it’s not displaying climatic conditions, it can pose as a picture frame, displaying up to 100 different photos and graphics.
About $250

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Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management