Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management
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You know all of those awesome A/V components stacked up in your friend’s home theater? Maybe you even own a drool-worthy system yourself. Those A/V racks are certainly slick and may be the envy of the neighborhood, but the fact is, they’re monsters when it comes to eating energy. A device, like Axess Elite power management unit SurgeX can help curb their voracious appetites for electricity. IP-enabled, it facilitates two-way communication between the components and the professionals who installed the home theater equipment. The home theater pro is then able to reboot locked up equipment and monitor and manage how much power each piece is consuming. Even without the two-way communication, the Axess Elite power management system protects sensitive A/V gear from damaging surges. Both 15- and 20-amp versions are available.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management