Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management
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Panamax MD2-ZB Smart Plug

It may look a little boring, but the MD2-ZB SmartPlug from Panamax/Furman can bring big savings to the energy miser on your gift list. When plugged into an AC outlet it can monitor the amount of energy consumed by any appliance that’s attached to it. Plus, it’s a surge protector. Utilizing ZigBee wireless communications, the MD2-ZB can be monitored, controlled and remotely accessed via Panamax/Furman’s cloud-based BlueBOLT energy management and control platform. Through this technology, energy consumption of the plugged-in device can be monitored in kWh and dollars. The SmartPlug requires the addition of a gateway, the BB-ZB1, to share this information and be controlled remotely.
$119.95 for MD2-ZB; $99.95 for BB-ZB1

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Holiday Gift Guide: Energy Management