Holiday Gift Guide: Editors’ Wish List
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Sonos PLAY:1

There’s no hotter tech category in the world of home audio than wireless. The leader in that field is Sonos, and recently the company affirmed its position with the release of its space-friendly PLAY:1 speaker system. This small-footprint speaker configures in a matter of minutes and it provides homeowners with the ability to act as a single enclosure stereo product or, if two are purchased, a traditional powered left/right speaker system. Even as a single enclosure solution the PLAY:1 delivers a surprising amount of dynamics and soundstage width. Best of all, because of its small size it can go on kitchen countertops, desktops, shelves or anywhere that is convenient and out of the way. Like other Sonos speakers, the PLAY:1 allows homeowners to easily install whole-house audio throughout their homes or they can purchase more units (Sonos has other speaker sizes, plus a soundbar, all of which play in its wireless audio ecosystem) as free spending money allows. Read a review of the Play:1 here.  —Bob Archer


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Holiday Gift Guide: Editors’ Wish List