Holiday Gift Guide: Awesome Audio Gear
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GoldenEar Technology SuperCenter Speakers

The SuperCenter (SCX) and SuperCenter XL (SCXL) handle the all-important dialog, among other audio information, of a soundtrack as the center-channel speakers in your surround-sound system—in GoldenEar’s case, they’ve been designed to complement the Triton towers and Aon bookshelf monitors that you might want to use in rounding out your surround sound’s starting lineup. Both SCX and SCXL feature a D’Appolito array of two new long-throw 5.25-inch bass/midrange drivers surrounding GoldenEar’s High Velocity Folden Ribbon tweeter. The SCX has a 7-by-10-inch quadratic planar low-frequency radiator, while the larger SCXL bumps that to dual 6.75-by-8-inch radiators for even more oomph (and its cabinet is 29 inches wide compared with 20 for the SCX).

$599 and $799, 

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Holiday Gift Guide: Awesome Audio Gear