Best of the Rest: Great Home Theaters
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Tall Order

When the construction of a home is finished, deciding afterwards to incorporate a theater can be a real headache … literally. Jeff Binette of Smarthome Solutions, Kennebunk, Maine, explains that the owner of this theater and many of his friends are well over six feet tall, and that the ceiling height of the lower-level area chosen to occupy the home theater would some modification to provide tallish theatergoers with comfortable headroom. Smarthome Solutions was able to commandeer a few extra inches by revamping the ceiling and constructing the platform for a second row theater seats lower than they normally would.  The ceiling height wasn’t the only challenge. Measuring just 13-by-15 feet, the smallish size of the room would dictate the size of the screen and the installation of the speakers. A JVC video projector mounted near the ceiling soffit fires images onto a 90-inch Screen Innovations Black Diamond screen (a modest size according to most home theater standards, but of perfect proportions for this area). The speakers and subwoofers, meanwhile, were custom built by the engineers at Bay Audio to recess directly into the stud bays of the walls.

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Best of the Rest: Great Home Theaters