8 Must-Have Devices for Home Security
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Motion Detectors

What happens if an intruder slips past those window and door sensors? You may want to think about a motion detector. This is very similar to a sensor, except that it detects motion and body heat. Pets can actually trigger some motion sensors, so you may want to take that into consideration when buying one. (In other words, a few extra bucks could save you a lot of chest pains.) However, if you don’t have a pet or need an inexpensive alternative, Belkin’s WeMo Switch + Motion makes for an affordable ($79.99), easy alternative. Just plug in the device and pair it with the lamp and the free WeMo app. Users can set up the system to turn on a light, fan or other device once motion is detected. The system can also send out alerts, making it a nice compliment for a web-enabled camera.

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8 Must-Have Devices for Home Security