8 Must-Have Devices for Home Security
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There are several different types of sensors. These are basically “switches,” which can trigger the alarm system in case of an emergency. Some sensors are designed to alert the system when a door or window has been opened. Some can even alert you to breaking glass or when water is present in a place where it shouldn’t be present. Once a sensor is triggered, it can alert your system to sound an alarm, send a text message, or even notify authorities. In some cases, the sensor can trigger cameras to start recording. Despite being the smallest part of a security system, sensors are the most crucial. Just be aware that some sensors do require wiring knowledge to be installed and/or integrated into a whole-house system. Of course, there are easy alternatives like the pictured Swann Magnetic Window/Door Alarm, which doesn’t require wiring and operates like a stand-alone security device with its own built-in audible alarm.

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8 Must-Have Devices for Home Security