8 Must-Have Devices for Home Security
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Control Panel

If this is going to be a high-tech system, it’s going to need a brain. The control panel monitors the activity from the various components that you’ll see on this list. Once something like a sensor or camera is triggered, the control panel can notify you or a monitoring company (if you have that option). While not all of the products on this list require a control panel, it does tie together a complete system. There are plenty of hardwired and wireless options. ADT has specific control panels that can tie into other products and the company’s 24/7 monitoring service. Elk has the M1, a control panel that’s designed to work with several third-party systems. Honeywell also has a slew of its own options, including the pictured VISTA-21iP, which provides up to 48 zones of protection.

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8 Must-Have Devices for Home Security