7 Places Not to Overlook Prewiring
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Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

Prewiring is also necessary if you’d like to be able to control your swimming pool pump, heater and lights from a keypad inside the house. “This seems to be the one that always is forgotten,” says Jeff Carnes of Accent ESI in Bonita Springs, Fla.

Additionally, you may want to have your CE pro route wiring from the pool/spa keypad to a central equipment location in the house, where the processor of a home control system might be located. Even if you don’t put in a home control system now, you’ll be able to connect the pool and spa keypad to it later, giving you the ability synchronize their operation with other home systems, such as your lighting and security system. Pressing one button on a home control keypad, for instance, could warm up the hot tub, activate the exterior lights and disarm the security sensors.

THE WIRE: Category 5e (enhanced) cabling between the pool control keypad and the home control processor.

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7 Places Not to Overlook Prewiring