7 Places Not to Overlook Prewiring
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Patios, Gardens and Decks

Once your landscaping is established, the last thing you’ll want to do is tear it up to bury wiring. So before the grass seed goes down, prewire anywhere and everywhere you think you might like to hear music. This includes decks, patios, gardens, gazebos and around the swimming pool and hot tub. Speakers are the obvious add-on, but don’t forget about prewiring for a TV and surround-sound system in at least one of these locations. Christner recommends installing a few junction boxes throughout the backyard, to which all the speaker cabling can connect. From there, the wiring can be spliced or routed inside the house where it can be connected to an amplifier and source components.

THE WIRE: 14-gauge, 2-conductor speaker wiring from a junction box to each speaker; for an outdoor theater add a 14-gauge, 4-conductor wire for a subwoofer, and an HDMI cable, plus four Category 5e (enhanced) cables to the TV location.

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7 Places Not to Overlook Prewiring