22 Outdoor Speakers for a Sizzling Summer
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Rockustics SubSub

No, you aren’t seeing double. The SubSub is just an in-ground subwoofer that’s available in 10-, 12-, and 15-inch configurations. It has a cylindrical structure that’s made of proprietary resin composite, so it won’t break down of overtime. Oh, and it’s also fully weatherproof. It even has a little cover that can disguise the subwoofer’s output tube, so it won’t look like something that you tried to bury in the yard. Those covers come in three standard colors, with custom options available.

Price: $1,307 (SubSub-10); $$1,495 (SubSub-12); $2,059 (SubSub-15)
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22 Outdoor Speakers for a Sizzling Summer