22 Outdoor Speakers for a Sizzling Summer
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Paradigm Stylus Series

Paradigm offers six different selections under its Stylus Series. At the top of the heap is the 470-SM. That SM stands for “stereo/mono,” which means that you only need the one speaker for dual-channel sound. That comes from the company’s Dual-Directional Soundfield technology, as well as two 1-inch tweeters that are offset at 30-degree angles and a 7-inch woofer. Other features include an on-axis frequency response of 75Hz to 20kHz (±2 dB), a maximum input of 80 watts mono (40 per channel for stereo), and a sensitivity rating of 93dB.

Price: $399.99 each
For More Information: Stylus 470-SM Product Page

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22 Outdoor Speakers for a Sizzling Summer