13 Great Gifts for a Geeky Father’s Day
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The sound that currently comes out of your TV stinks. Dad deserves much better. This option can deliver big sound from a slick, slim package. The HiFi system is wireless, so it doesn’t need speaker wire. It also doesn’t need a subwoofer. Six mid-woofers and three tweeters are built into this one speaker cabinet. Other features include exposed aluminum and speaker fabric, as well as built-in sensors that can adjust EQ and channel orientation based on the PLAYBAR’s position. Connect the speaker to the TV via a single optical cable and Dad can tap into the volume using his regular remote or one of the free Sonos Controller apps.

MSRP: $699
For More Information: Sonos PLAYBAR

For an in-depth peek at this product, check out Hands On: Sonos PLAYBAR Soundbar.

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13 Great Gifts for a Geeky Father’s Day