10 Spooktacular Halloween Lighting Displays
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Thrift Shop

We don’t think $20 in your pocket will get you anything close to the setup Neal Adams has created. He definitely didn’t get it down at the thrift shop. However, he did incorporate “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis into his 2013 Halloween display. Besides tombstones with rope lights, a variety of creepy props, a 6-foot homemade skeleton, 12 artificial pumpkins, and countless other lights, Neal used 77 channels of Light-O-Rama to program this specific song. If you’re in Valley Center, California, he does encourage visitors. Otherwise, you can swing by his website to check out more or purchase one of his sequences for your own personal use.

For More Information: YouTube or Valley Center Holiday Lights

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10 Spooktacular Halloween Lighting Displays