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In 1999, AV Science pioneered home theater internet discussion groups with the inception of the famous AVSForum. Since then, AV Science has expanded our product lines and broadened our customer base to include installation services in select areas.

We pride ourselves on providing expert product knowledge and premium customer service before, during and after the sale. Our staff is committed to making your experience pleasant, satisfying and most of all, cost effective.

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Super Enthusiast Has Home Theaters Everywhere
When you’re one of the founders of one of the Internet’s most popular home technology websites, your house is bound to be swimming with high-tech products. “Over the past seven years, we’ve been going through the house turning it into a showcase of sorts, with some of products and systems that I have found to work well for our lifestyle,” says David Bott, who in addition to the…

DIYer Racks Up Unique Storage System for Home Theater
While some DIYers focus on the screen, the seating, and even the candy counter, Tom Guineau decided to add something truly unique to his room. He has a completely handcrafted equipment rack. It doesn’t exactly have the same flash as other theater components, but it’s become quite popular since Tom started his home theater build in 2008. When Tom began working on the room, he found that component…

Which Do You Prefer: 5.1 vs. 7.1 Surround Sound?
With the rise of home theater, spurred by laserdisc, DVD players and multichannel A/V receivers, came the rise of surround sound for the home environment. For years a conventional 5.1 system did the job nicely—incorporating front left, center and right channels, two surround channels (placed behind or to the sides of the listener, depending on the seating arrangement) and the “.1” subwoofer. Then came high-definition Blu-ray (and HD…

Sneak Peek: Electronic House DIY Showcase
We’ve seen the best of the best DIY projects out there. Now it’s your turn to take a peek! For the past few months, we’ve been combing through submissions from do-it-yourselfers all over the country. We received an overwhelming response and some unbelievably cool responses. In the end, we compiled the best and most creative crop into one book. The Electronic House DIY Showcase includes a slew of…

Poll: 3D Just a Fad or Just Needs More Content?
Just how big will 3D be? The Hollywood studios are obviously betting on it. So are display manufacturers. So how about you, the home theater enthusiast? Based on a poll posted on the extremely popular AVS Forum website of enthusiasts, DIYers and even some custom electronics pros, the answer is resoundingly skeptical. The poll—“3D Television - Fad or Here to Stay?”—asked forum readers: Do you think that 3D…

AVS Forum Adds Free iPhone, iPod Touch App

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25 DIY Home Theater Favorites

Only 3 Days Left to Submit Your DIY Project!

Depp, Sinatra & Others Star in DIYer’s Theater

Hands On: Panamorph UH480 Anamorphic Lens

DIYer Loves His MartinLogan

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