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Electronic House Magazine has been delivering inspiration on the connected home for more than 20 years. Our editorial staff was living with smart home technology long before it grew to enjoy the wide popularity it has today, so we’ve developed the expertise it takes to help you understand it, too.

At Electronic House Magazine, we turn up the volume on the newest wireless speakers, we install our own home surveillance cameras, test multitudes of smart TVs, challenge current wisdom on energy saving light bulbs, and even hire custom installers when necessary, just like many other homeowners. You want the best smart house possible, and so do we.

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Electronic House Magazine covers the entire range of smart home technology. There’s no need to seek out additional resources on home surveillance cameras, or the latest smart TV. It’s all here in one place, and all explained in straightforward, consumer-friendly language.

In every issue, (click here for a free issue) we showcase galleries of amazing homes for inspiration in planning smart home technology for your home. Plus, every issue also includes specific insights from custom electronics professionals to help you understand what the pros know. Oh, and I know you’ll be sorry if you don’t get to read our drool-worthy, legendary annual Home of the Year issue.

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