Introduction to Home Control: What is it, ideas to get started, what to choose and where to buy it?
In this article, discover how home control can add comfort, convenience and enhance your everyday lifestyle.

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The reasons consumers want home control can vary widely. For some, it’s the peace of mind they enjoy from being able to monitor and control their home when they are away. For others, it’s the convenience of setting the right mood and enhancing the look of their home at the touch of a button.

Why Get Home Control?

What’s great about home control is that you can start integration for one reason and then expand your system to automate other electronic systems as you realize the benefits that the right control technology can offer you.  The key is to understand your options up front and plan accordingly.

Consider some of these great ideas as a starting point for your home:

  • Lighting:
    Start with lighting control that can be dimmed via a wireless remote or using a smartphone or tablet-based app, or get more sophisticated with pre-determined lighting scenes that will change the light level based on the activity or conditions in the home.
  • Audio:
    Control the music you want to hear and the volume in multiple areas of your home. Even control zones of music so that you can listen to what you want, where you want; while your kids do the same in the area of the home they’re in. There are a number of control options that will let you access your entire music library easily and quickly.

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  • Video:
    Access your library of movies and video files and send them to be viewed on your preferred display, or move from one room to another and continue watching. Enjoy streaming services or DVR recordings throughout your home wherever there is a TV.
  • Window Treatments:
    Control motorized window coverings like shades, blinds and curtains a touch of a button to provide the perfect level of darkness for movie viewing. Adjust your shades automatically to reduce heat gain and protect furnishings from sunlight, all while enhancing comfort and saving energy.
  • Security:
    Go beyond giving your home that lived-in look while you are away. In addition to lighting control, you can check and lock doors remotely, monitor events or activity with cameras and sensors, and integrate your control system with a new or existing security system.  Modern control technology will let you monitor, arm, disarm and control other aspects of your system while on the go.
  • Family Monitoring:
    Keep an eye on seniors, children and pets while away from home through camera monitoring and notifications that can be configured into your system to alert you under certain circumstances.
  • Temperature:
    Increase your energy savings with advanced control of temperature settings. Set your temp remotely from anywhere to get your living space to the right temperature before you arrive home or change it to improve energy efficiency when your home is vacant.
  • Pool and Spa:
    Turn on exterior landscape lighting, adjust the music and even control water temperature and jets remotely from another room, or across town.

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  • Home Exterior:
    Change the look of your home’s exterior with dramatic lighting – control flood lighting, pathway lighting, shrub and flower bed lighting automatically. You can even configure custom light settings for different times of the day, seasons or holidays.  Use car visor controls to light your garage area or install sensors for additional security in secluded areas around the exterior of your home.

These are just a few examples to consider when planning your Home Control strategy. You can start small and add more rooms and systems as you go, or start big by connecting multiple systems together throughout your home – with room for even more expansion as new technologies and systems become available in the future.

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