Introduction to Home Control: What is it, ideas to get started, what to choose and where to buy it?
In this article, discover how home control can add comfort, convenience and enhance your everyday lifestyle.

What is Home Control?

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Though home control is emerging as the next must-have technology for homeowners, the term itself isn’t the only term used to identify it. You may hear it referred to as home monitoring, home automation, smart home, or connected home. Home control can be used in a limited capacity in single spaces, or throughout your entire home, including outdoors. Today, there are very few limitations as to what can be controlled or monitored using this technology.

Some of the most popular examples of home control include:

  • Devices that control lights, shades, thermostats, audio, video (one or more TV’s, a dedicated home theater, etc.), pools/hot tubs, security systems and more.
  • Smartphone or tablet-based apps that let you turn your lights off and on, control temperature, or monitor the security of your home remotely.
  • Complete whole-home integration that unifies nearly every electronic subsystem in your home all controlled by dedicated touch panels in the walls and offering remote monitoring and control from smartphone and tablet devices.

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Dedicated Remote Controls, In-Wall Switches and Interfaces, Smartphone and Tablet Apps

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