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Dear Smart House Enthusiast,

If you’re like me, you’re probably here because you love everything about smart home products and smart home technology, whether it’s home surveillance cameras, the best programmable thermostat, wireless speakers, even smart TVs.

And you don’t settle for the highlights. You want every detail, every specification, and thorough explanations of all the features and options. You don’t buy a thing without performing all your due diligence.

You’ve arrived at the one place where you can get all that and more. Due diligence is our middle name! Welcome to EH Library, and to your opportunity to get a FREE Charter Platinum Subscription for a full six months!

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The EH Library is the home of Electronic House magazine. And we’ve been delivering inspiration on the connected home for more than 12 years! Our editorial staff was living with smart home technology long before it grew to enjoy the wide popularity it has today, so we’ve developed the expertise it takes to help consumers understand it, too—every single month.

The Electronic House magazine team turns up the volume on the newest wireless speakers. We install our own home surveillance cameras, test multitudes of smart TVs, challenge current wisdom on energy saving light bulbs, and even hire custom installers when necessary, just like many other homeowners. You want the best smart house possible. And so do we.

In short, we understand smart home technology and we understand you, the smart home products consumer. And our experience and knowledge is available to you every day at the EH Library!

At the EH Library, every single expert, authoritative article, every review, every buyer’s guide in our digital archives is available to you in an easily searchable format, making due diligence a breeze. You’ll never again have to scroll through endless Google search results pages—just to find that most of the results don’t have the depth of detail you’re looking for.

What can the EH Library do for you?

Our entire reason for being is to help you understand the technology, know your options and confidently navigate the tasks of buying and installation. When you research smart home products in the EH Library, you’ll gain…

  • A thorough understanding of the features offered by thousands of smart home products
  • Fluency in smart house technical language
  • Confidence in working with smart home technology professionals and sales people
  • Complete satisfaction with any new smart home automation system
  • The assurance that you’re adding comfort, convenience, energy efficiency and value to your home as knowledgeably and economically as possible

Best of all, Electronic House magazine covers the entire range of smart home technology, so all of that information is right at your fingertips. There’s no need to seek out additional resources on home surveillance cameras, or the latest smart TV. It’s all here in one place, and all explained in straightforward, consumer-friendly language.

In fact, here’s a sample of what Electronic House magazine covers every month, making the EH Library your one-stop, go-to resource for every innovation, every new technology, every smart home product that will make a difference in your budget and in your enjoyment of your home:

  • Smart lighting
  • Home audio
  • Smart TVs
  • Smart home security
  • Smart home automation systems
  • Smart home energy management
  • Home theater
  • Headphones

The EH Library includes a complete Electronic House magazine buyer’s guide for every one of these topics in the course of a year! Smart house technology continues to evolve almost daily. And when you subscribe to the EH Library, your knowledge is never lacking, and neither is your home! Subscribe FREE for six months!

And on top of those complete buyer’s guides, the EH Library includes the latest advice, information and specification on every category of smart home product that matters to you. For example, you might utilize a guide to shopping for a smart TV, or an update on the latest smart TV technology, or learn how to make your home theater blend into your room design.

Enjoy our galleries of amazing homes for inspiration in planning smart home technology for your home. Read about the products we love and we think you’ll love, too. You’ll also find specific insights from custom electronics professionals in the EH Library to help you understand what the pros know. Oh, and then there are the legendary annual Home of the Year articles, which will make you drool while delivering dozens of ideas for smart home products you can use in your own smart house, from wireless speakers to smart TVs.

In short, the EH Library makes you a master of smart home technology. And it’s all FREE for 6 months when you claim your Charter Platinum EH Library subscription!

What else do you get with your Charter Platinum EH Library subscription?

In addition to the EH Library, you’ll be a Charter Platinum member of EH Network, which means you’re also entitled to:

  • 6 FREE issues of Electronic House magazine
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Allow me to explain the details of all that:

6 FREE issues of Electronic House magazine

As I mentioned earlier, Electronic House magazine is the most expert, authoritative monthly resource on smart home technology available today. Get 6 monthly issues FREE, and stay ahead of the learning curve even as you research your favorite smart home products in depth in the EH Library!

BONUS: EH Magazine is available to Platinum members both as an app and as our revolutionary website edition, which is available on any device and any platform! That means you’ll be able to read each of your 6 FREE issues at your complete convenience—at your computer, on your tablet or on your smartphone.

6 FREE months of the EH Network newsletter

Enjoy what is literally the newest and hottest information on smart home products every day! You get a big-picture look at the latest equipment in one type of smart home technology, reviews of specific smart home products and inside looks at upcoming issues of Electronic House magazine.

8 FREE EH Network Special Reports

That’s right, you’re entitled to 8 free special reports that we’ve written specifically to help you understand your options, the different types of products available and the ways in which smart home technology can make your home greener, more comfortable, more convenient and just plain more fun.

Here are the 8 free special reports you receive as a Charter Platinum Member:

  • Home Stereo Systems: How to Choose the Best Sound Bar, Audio Receiver, Music Server & More
  • Smart Home Systems: Expert Guide to Home Automation, Smart Home Products & More
  • Home Lighting Automation: Remote Control Lighting, Motorized Shades & More
  • The Best Home Security Systems: Choosing Smart Locks, Home Surveillance Cameras, Home Security Monitoring Systems & More
  • Buying the Top Headphones: How to Choose Bluetooth Headphones, Noise-cancelling Headphones, Gamer Headphones & More
  • Planning the Best Home Theater System: Choosing the Best Home Theater Projector, Best Home Theater Speakers, Best Home Theater Receiver, Best Home Theater Screens & More
  • Getting the Best Smart TV for You: Features, Where to Buy, How to Set Up a Smart TV, 4K TVs & More
  • Save Energy with Smart Home Automation: Home Energy-Saving Tips including the Best Programmable Thermostats, WiFi Thermostats, Automatic Blinds & More

When you read these free reports, you’ll be on your way to becoming a smarter consumer—and to enjoying the best of smart home technology right in your own smart house!

Free EH Network community membership

Read all the latest news, reviews and updates at EH Network. Check out the comments on interesting articles. Find custom electronics installers in your area. Shop our store for additional buying guides and reports. It’s all part of being an EH Network Charter Platinum Member!

Every benefit, every word, every review, report and update is dedicated to helping our members become educated smart home technology consumers. And we do it all in clear, user-friendly language without jargon or tech-speak. Everything at EH Network is always written with the consumer in mind—in short, you.

Don’t venture into smart home technology on your own—get this thorough, expert guidance for a full six months FREE!

Making your home a smart house demands careful research, a thorough understanding of the products you want in your home, and recognition of which projects are DIY and which are best left to professionals. Our members get all of that and more!

You’ll be empowered to…

  • Master the latest trends and products in smart home technology
  • Discover new smart home products, from home theater to home security
  • Plan the perfect, cost-effective smart home automation systems to meet your specific needs
  • Work confidently with both security system retail sales staff and installation professionals
  • Make the right decisions between different smart home products
  • Avoid aggravation and save time and money in making your home a smart house
  • Gain inspiration and ideas for adding smart technology to your home
  • Fully enjoy the convenience, security and comfort of your new smart home automation systems
  • Save money every single day by introducing smart home products throughout your home

So don’t wait. It’s an easy decision to become a Charter Platinum Member of EH Network—FREE for 6 months!

I look forward to having you as a Charter Platinum Member.

Yours for consumer education and empowerment,

Kevin McPherson
Executive Publisher, EH Network

PS: Remember, these are the benefits of being a Platinum Member of EH Network:

  • 6 FREE issues of the NEW Electronic House magazine (2 digital editions: web & app)
  • 6 FREE months of access to the EH Library
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  • FREE EH Network community membership

PSS: Subscribing to the EH Library means you’ll always know what we know—and be a complete master of smart home technology! Get your FREE subscription and Charter Platinum Membership to EH Network now!


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